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Main Page The Earth EARTH-61 Chapter

Jesus Christus reveals thru Jacob Lorber: The natural and spiritual Earth

Chapter 61 - The nature and consequences of anger

1. We shall, further, unveil another very dangerous kind of possession. It consists of being possessed in the earthly flesh by the Devil of Anger. This is the most dangerous of possessions, because the Devil of Anger not only possesses the body of such a person, but also a multitude of evil ministering spirits come with him.

2. Anger is the most glaring contrast to love, and it forms the essential main ingredient of Satan. Anger cannot exist without nourishment; therefore it is constantly surrounded by countless nourishing spirits, on which the Devil of Anger sucks and which he consumes. Since love cannot exist without nourishment, which is to be loved in return, so anger cannot exist without anger in return. Let us see what kind of riff-raff surrounds anger for its succor.

3. Hate is the main provider for anger, followed by haughtiness. Out of this comes forth selfishness, envy, greed, adultery, fornication, and contempt of everything divine, the greatest of disdain for other people, murder and bloodshed, lust for power – and, in the end, a complete lack of conscience. These are the assistants of the Devil of Anger, each of whom has a considerable multitude of evil subordinate spirits, which are easily recognizable in the most manifold passions of a human being possessed by anger. This evil spirit is just as difficult to cast out of a person’s flesh as it is to extinguish a fire that has seized every part of a large house. In this instance, there is no other remedy but to let it burn down to the last beam, and then examine the cooled ashes to ascertain whether there is anything left that the fire has not consumed.

4. Since this Devil of Anger is very wicked, we must gain the understanding as to how this ejection from Hell enters into the flesh of a human being. This spirit does not enter with time into a person’s flesh, but is placed in it during the act of procreation as a seed of Hell. And since it determines the progress of the flesh, it must be there. The seed itself does not reach a level of independence unless the newly born human being obtains the opportunity to develop it.

5. Not until such a person is subjected to the wrong upbringing will this evil substance gather in the liver. Once this substance is present in the fullest measure, it awakens the independence of the Devil of Anger. Soon he takes the whole soul captive and draws her into his sphere, through which a human being becomes a real devil in a very short time.

6. For many, it is not necessary that this carnal devil fully attain his own independence and that the evil evaporation of specifica spread through the whole body; it begins in the blood, which flares up easily when it approaches satiation with this specificum. Through the blood it enters into the nerves, through these into the nerve spirit, and through the nerve spirit into the soul. When the nerve spirit has penetrated the soul, then that person is already half a devil, and it is not advisable to associate with such a human.

7. Such people are easily recognizable, because they flare up severely over any minor thing that touches them in the very least, and they are immediately ready to curse and fight. They may be compared to a red-hot iron, that by itself seems to be perfectly quiet. But throw the lightest of sawdust upon the iron, and immediately smoke and flames emerge.

8. For children that are so inclined, all of this may be avoided through a proper upbringing. The greatest evil in bringing up children is pampering. The child realizes soon how he can be naughty without being punished. Then he will attempt and dare constantly to become more and more disobedient. If the parents then punish such a child very little or not at all, the child has already reached a certain solidity in anger. Soon he becomes impetuous and demanding, and literally commands that he be given what he asks for. If the fulfillment of his desires is denied, he becomes infuriated, impudent, and presumptuous.

9. Should the parents be intimidated by that, and give in to the impetuous demands of the child, then the child has already reached the first degree of devilish independence. Thereupon the adolescent child begins to pose as a brutal lawgiver to his parents. At this point it would not be very beneficial if the parents did not yield to the desires of their ill-bred child.

10. When such a child gets older, taller, and stronger, the life of many such parents would not be safe if ailments did not restrain the carnal devil of such children. Only ailments cast out this carnal devil to a certain degree, especially during the time when he has taken control of the blood. Scarlet fever, heat rash (miliaria rubra), skin rashes, smallpox, and other ailments are the means of elimination of this destroyer of human nature. Only these ailments cast this evil specificum out of the blood.

11. I come to the assistance of these angry children by allowing ailments to manifest. But once an ailment is over, it is spiritually and physically beneficial for the parents and the child to assume a sense of reasonableness and to rear the child in accordance with My order. But if they pamper the child even more after the ailment, the circumstances that follow are usually much worse than before.

12. Because when this carnal devil that is in the child notices that the path through the blood has not been successful, he then attacks the nerves. Once he has seized these, the child becomes extremely sensitive, which the parents usually consider to be an ailing condition. Because of this, they give the child everything he desires, in order not to irritate him because of supposedly weak nerves.

13. At this point, I have to intervene again and afflict the flesh of I he child with dysentery and a severe cough in order to drain off this specificum from the nerves.

14. This helps the body of such a child for a while. It is almost better if such a corrupted body be taken earlier from the soul of such a child, even before the carnal devil seizes his soul. Parents who have very few children usually pamper them too much, and that is why I take their children from them.

15. Since I pursue a higher purpose with human children than their being merely vain toys for immature parents, I have no alternative but to take the children away from such parents and hand them over to My angels for their further education. I usually choose those children that are pampered by their parents. The excessive love of parents is usually the cause of their death. If I let them live in accordance with their body, their soul would sooner or later become the property of Hell. That is why the death of the body is better, so that the soul remains preserved for Heaven. That is why no one should be surprised that so many children die in their youth, and often even in the cradle, because I know best why I take them so early from this world. It is better that they become weak spirits of Heaven than strong spirits of Hell on Earth.

16. But occasionally, because of the world, it must happen that these spirits of anger grow up. When the parents sufficiently and vigorously oppose in time the obstinacy of such children, these children can become useful and diligent human beings in one or another field of endeavor. When, however, their anger is challenged, they may easily become brawlers, rebels, and frequently tormentors of mankind. That is why, when they discover anger, vanity, self-conceit, selfishness, and unruliness in their children, it should be close to the heart of the parents to oppose these passions with all their power. It might well be that these children might become very diligent and useful human beings, because by a resolute and firm upbringing of the child the evil anger fire specificum (anger belongs to the element of fire. - ED.) can be changed into beneficial energy through a psycho-chemical process.

Main Page The Earth EARTH-61 Chapter