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Main Page The Earth EARTH-62 Chapter

Jesus Christus reveals thru Jacob Lorber: The natural and spiritual Earth

Chapter 62 - Fighting anger

1. Since the Devil of Anger is such a dangerous being when it is in possession of human flesh, it often becomes necessary to kill the physical bodies of whole generations through plagues and other devastating ailments, before this devil has the opportunity to draw the souls completely into his being. Above all, it is of great importance for every person who has to develop his own soul, as well as those of his children, that the proper diet be followed, through which not only the soul may be saved but also the physical body of a human being, to enable him to reach a very old age. This, of course, cannot happen when few know this diet and fewer still comply with it.

2. How should a person be taught from birth, and how should he be educated so that, when he reaches maturity, he is capable of observing this spiritual and physical order of diet? Only thus will he be able to reach a quiet old age, so that by attaining this old age he will forever secure a true and firm continued existence for his soul.

3. When it is obvious in the cradle that a child is of a very sensitive nature and may be easily irritated by all manner of influences, such a child should be nourished only with such foods as do not heat the blood, but gently cool it.

4. When a mother breast-feeds her child, she should refrain from all alcoholic drinks and safeguard herself from all irritating emotions, because she will thus place specifica in her breast which are nourishment for the Spirit of Fire. She should refrain from such foods and drinks that require too much bile for their digestion. Legumes, especially beans, cannot be recommended at all to such a mother. However, moderate amounts of meat broth, roasted flesh of clean animals, gruel from wheat, rye, and white corn, and barley and rice cooked in water are beneficial, provided they be not cooked in whole milk.

5. When a mother does not breast-feed her child, but when, instead, a wet nurse feeds the child – which is not a very good thing to do – it should first be ascertained what kind of person she is, and if she be a good and gentle soul, then secondly she must keep the same diet, and have control over her emotions, and must observe what has been specified for the mother as well.

6. If the mother or wet nurse breast-feeds, the child should be weaned from the breast once the first teeth begin to show. With the teeth, the memory begins to develop.

7. Wheat-pollard cooked and mixed with pure honey would be the best nourishment for a child who is inclined to be very temperamental. Water of barley sweetened with honey is also very good. Good, but even better yet, are cooked figs and cooked St. John’s bread, that is, carob. For certain older children, a light lentil stew would be good.

8. Milk from animals is not at all to be recommended at first, because at times the animals are not healthy, and often, during I he winter, they do not produce healthy milk. Some animals are also hot-tempered, and their milk would disagree greatly with a temperamental child. Not until children are one or two years old may they be nourished with milk which is diluted with water.

9. On the other hand, it will never harm a child to eat cooked fruit sauce from time to time. Apples and pears especially are very wholesome for the cleansing and toning down of the blood. Such children should not be given any meat until they have their second set of teeth. Should these children eat meat before this, their blood will become too excited, their flesh too fat, and their glands will be clogged with phlegm, and thereby many ailments will develop.

10. When children of a very excitable nature, or who are highstrung, begin to walk and talk, they should be occupied with all kinds of soothing, beneficially uplifting children’s games for their minds. And attention should constantly be paid to the fact that the temperature of these children should not be raised, either by movement, and much less even by the emotions; everything that might cause any anger must be removed.

11. If you notice, however, that one or another child, despite all caution, succumbs to fits of temper, the proper punishment should never be missed. But it should not be done by spanking the child immediately. It would be much more effective and advantageous to withdraw, within reason, his nourishment, because nothing heals anger faster than hunger, since hungry people do not have their minds on a revolution. On the contrary, when they are satisfied they cannot be trusted at all.

12. It is very good for children, if they have to be punished for these reasons, to be made to understand that the Heavenly Father did not send them any bread because they were naughty. As soon as they are good and ask the Heavenly Father for bread, He will then allow the parents to give them something at once. Children are thus made aware of God, and it will be deeply impressed upon their young souls continually that they are dependent upon God in all things, and that He is the most reliable retaliator for everything, be it good or bad. When these children become truly quiet and well-mannered, then one must not overlook showing them, in an understandable manner, how they give the Heavenly Father great joy day in and day out, and that He calls them morning, midday, and evening, “Let these dear children come unto Me!” When children are guided in such a manner, there will be few objections later on; if they are not guided, it will be somewhat more difficult to get them onto the proper path, and the old proverb fulfills itself: that an old tree cannot be bent, except at times by lightning and storm, when such a tree frequently suffers harm.

13. When such children are fully grown and have developed total self-knowledge, but occasionally show noticeable signs of exaggerated irritability, it should then be recommended to them that they live moderately in everything, go to bed early and rise early, and abstain for longer periods of time from alcoholic drinks and the meat of unclean animals. And they should not visit places of excitement for the wicked enjoyment of the audience, especially places where there are dancing and games.

14. Such places have to be avoided by these hot-heads for long periods of time; some even have to avoid these places forever.

15. It is also very good for these individuals of both sexes to marry early, because the libido of a hot-head is considerably stronger than that of a gentle human being.

16. Most importantly, these people should, besides natural health care, pray often and read spiritual books, or have them read to them should they not be able to read.

17. That will strengthen their souls and loosen the shackles of their spirits. The spirit will become completely free when he reaches for My love. Since such human beings are subjected to much greater temptation than others, they are therefore also much closer to My grace. They are those human beings out of whom something great can come when they are on the right path, because they have the proper courage within themselves. Out of these human beings come, spiritually speaking, ships built of oak, and palaces made of marble in My kingdom. Out of sponges and reeds, nothing better will come of them than what they contain.

Main Page The Earth EARTH-62 Chapter