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Main Page The Earth EARTH-63 Chapter

Jesus Christus reveals thru Jacob Lorber: The natural and spiritual Earth

Chapter 63 - Addiction to rank amongst arrogant humans

1. Anger is just as evil and harmful as addiction to rank, which is often the reason for anger. A humble human being cannot be irritated easily, whilst a haughty person becomes angry immediately. This addiction is the actual main devil amongst human beings, and is very closely connected with Satan. Children will not be seized by this evil spirit until they have attained some level of self-recognition.

2. At an early age, when children can hardly speak, tendencies in this regard may already be detected. When you observe several children at play, you will notice that one child will attempt to control the others. Even a child that can hardly speak finds it pleasing when others pay homage to him. This urge is especially strong among those of the female gender. They begin to beautify themselves at an early age, and whoever wishes to ingratiate himself with such a girl need but praise her beauty often. Should you find another girl, however, to be more beautiful, the first will shed secret tears, at the very least.

3. In boys, strength is of greater importance than beauty. Each of them wants to be the strongest, and conquer his friend. A boy will furnish proof of his strength by every means at his disposal, so as to be acknowledged by his peers as the strongest and most feared.

4. You already notice the presence of the evil satanic demon in such children. That this demon should immediately be dealt with should be a natural conclusion – even when no one has a higher and deeper understanding of these tendencies of the soul – because addiction to rank can soon lead to the grossest of vices.

5. A girl who has a craving for admiration becomes coquettish very early, and in this condition she is right where Satan wants her to be. And in the instance of the boy, he will soon turn out to be a quarrelsome ruffian, with nothing more sacred to him than himself.

6. These people soon become calumniators and judges over God and all things.

7. They know everything better, and their verdict is the only right one, because they are the ones that made the verdict. What will become of them in the future? When their foolishness is clearly shown to them they explode, and when they are no longer capable of employing verbal persuasion they use physical force. Where a horse bucks, Socrates and Cicero yield.

8. If everyone wants to be superior, then addiction to rank and anger strut along together. Their servants are insidiousness and pretense. This devil of addiction to rank in human flesh is the source of all evil in mankind, and fully equal to the lowest and deepest hell, because in him all evil is united. Would there ever have been a war if this demon had not corrupted humanity?

9. Humanity has deposed God, and today place this demon of arrogance on the throne, just as they did in former days. That is why mankind deserves to be tyrannized from above as well as from below, because it finds the greatest pleasure in raising its own children as tyrants.

10. That is why you should raise your children in humility, so that they themselves prefer to be the last rather than the first. Then the tyrants would soon have no alternative but to give up, because they would have no help or assistants.

11. I gladly permit the power of authority to grow, so that the fools below are given something which humbles them and which shows them how they should be and not how they are. And that is why those rulers are empowered by Me – those who oppress mankind as much as possible. And they do right, because men deserve nothing better so long as they insist on domineering themselves. That is why proper humility should be the firm foothold of your existence. Then the evil demon of rank will leave you and all tyranny will come to an end.

12. Behold, that is the path to bliss, here and in the beyond. You have to build a house from the ground up. Whoever wants to better mankind must first better himself and live properly, then all others will follow. As long as My teachings are not obeyed completely and in everything, it will not get better here, whether for individuals in the beyond or in general. But whoever obeys My teachings in their entirety will be well here as well as in the beyond. A humble soul soon finds her way in all situations. And since such a soul is the closest to Me, she is at all times assured of the safest and best help.

Main Page The Earth EARTH-63 Chapter