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Main Page The Earth EARTH-64 Chapter

Jesus Christus reveals thru Jacob Lorber: The natural and spiritual Earth

Chapter 64 - & 65 - All kinds of human laments

1. Human beings have many complaints. Some complain about bad times and how everything thereby becomes more expensive and more difficult. Others are furious about the government, believing that everything is its fault. Another again blames everything on the clergy, and some blame it on all the luxury. In brief, everyone is blaming the cause of all the world’s current woes on someone or something else.

2. But none of these complainers ask themselves whether they have somehow contributed to this change for the worse in circumstances, while perhaps they themselves have made such contribution and perhaps still do.

3. I hear a father complain about the luxuries of these times just after he has bought his daughters expensive dresses. What would you say to such a person when he accuses luxury? Nothing other than that if luxury displeases you, why do you then let your pride urge you to buy such expensive dresses for your daughters?

4. Instead of complaining, begin to dress your children simply. Perhaps you will find other people who will follow your example, and they in turn will find others. Then, little by little, these luxury items will disappear, because there will be no one to buy them. Can he who does not improve himself demand that other people improve?

5. Many merchants complain immensely about taxes, but they do not realize that they are the inventors of this governmental plague, since they frequently charge their customers a tax ten times higher in their profits. When a human being ruthlessly exploits his fellow man, how can he then demand from the government what he himself altogether lacks? I have the following comment to make: human beings always arrange things in such a manner as to please themselves, and I arrange the government in accordance with their model. By whatever gives them the greatest pleasure, so I set up the government. Who takes a greater tax from his brothers than a profiteer? From this you may learn that human beings are at all times among themselves the cause of their own troubles. That is why these woes will remain until those who cause them change.

6. The house owners of the cities complain severely about property taxes. When a tenant is late with his rent, they will quickly bring legal action against him, followed by seizure of his belongings and eventual eviction. That is why property taxes increase; and this will continue as long as necessary, until the hearts of the property owners become softer and they give a room in their house free of charge to the poor.

7. All these types of punishments are necessary, and they will become increasingly tougher. I say: whosoever is not satisfied with the quiet, fruitful soil of the Earth should go to sea and learn the difference between peace and tranquility, and motion and storm. Should storms at sea not swallow him whole, and should he love the sea, then he may return to it. Yet the solid earth remains still, just as, in spite of learned innovations, the ancient words of God continue to exist, and My mercy$ is there just as well for everyone that seeks it. As for those who do not care for My mercy but are interested only in innovations, purely because of an interest in rank and property, they may go to the Devil with it. Such a person may rest assured that no one in My heavens will shed a tear for him.

8. As far as the grumbling about clericalism is concerned, such lamentations do not reach My ear. I have arranged things in such a way that anyone has access to My word if he but wants it.

9. This shows you that nothing is of value to Me except a pure, loving heart, and proper belief in Me. He who is not satisfied with that, and to whom the word of the preacher is more sacred than that which I Myself have spoken, may remain in his blindness. And he to whom an expensively constructed house of prayer is holier and more exalted than a pure heart, which is a temple of the Holy Ghost, should go there.

10. How could all the cathedrals in the world enhance My honor? I never looked for My honor on Earth, but only for belief and love. Any other vain salute such as makes an idol out of Me, the only eternal, true, living God, is an atrocity to Me, because I want to be worshiped in the spirit and in the truth dwelling in the living heart of human beings.

11. When people recognize Me as their God and Father, and love Me as such above all, and keep the commandments of love towards their brothers, that is true worship. A cathedral cannot contribute towards the greater glorification of My name because it does not show what I am, but only that which vain and arrogant human beings are capable of.

12. But he who would admire My strength and greatness should go into Nature and look up at the sun, the moon, and the stars. There you will certainly find enough through which you can recognize God’s omnipotence. Instead of statues and paintings in cathedrals, you will find real, live human beings, and other creatures.

13. And instead of all the ornaments in these cathedrals, magnificent forests and meadows that give evidence of the might, greatness, and wisdom of their eternal Creator may be seen. Such observations can raise the human heart to the greater glory of God. Although wisdom be victorious over stupidity, do not believe that fools will cease to exist; their kind will remain as long as Hell exists. The question is often raised as to why I allow so many atrocities, and why I do not destroy this old idolatry with lightning and fire from Heaven. Since I did so in ancient times, why not now? Let us grow the wheat with the tares, and the time of harvest and winnowing will come. He who knows eternity is never pressed for time. He who would remain stupid may do so, but he who would become wise knows where to knock.

Main Page The Earth EARTH-64 Chapter