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Jesus Christus reveals thru Jacob Lorber: The natural and spiritual Earth

Chapter 68 - & 69 - Superstition

1. The third kind of so-called vision derives from the highly superstitious assumption that particular natural occurrences have a prophetic connection with an event which will take place in the future. It should not be new to you to what inconceivably foolish secret intrigues some people resort to in order to find out in advance something about their ill-fated future.

2. The first fools are the calendar-makers, who, without an iota of wisdom and often in a most ridiculous manner, try to predict he weather for each and every day.

3. Among these are some who date these days in accordance with so-called critical days. Who is the Lord of the weather, I or the critical days? Or would you consider Me so unwise as to establish particular days of the year as harbingers of future weather?

4. Human beings judge future weather in accordance with these critical days, but they do not know the great critical days of their hearts, which would reveal to them the main weather of their future eternal life. People would act properly if they observed more the circumstances of their hearts and gained the understanding that there is continuous bad weather in their hearts, which probably originates from such multifarious critical days as those of play, of eating, of drinking, and of fornication, followed by days of idleness, of hard-heartedness and slander, and many other such days.

5. Human beings should take such critical days into consideration; then many storms, lightning, thunder and hail, and snow and ice upon their hearts would not happen. And if such bad thunderstorms did not occur, the spirit could step out of his little chamber into the free world of the heart, and proclaim to the soul the critical day of eternal life. As long, however, as the aforementioned critical days cause these evil things in the heart, people will remain what they were, namely animals, such as will hardly be accepted in Heaven.

6. There are also human beings who consider weather-makers to be sorcerers or black magicians of some variety. These weather-makers offer all kinds of folly under the title “Remedies for the Weather.” In the first place, among the remedies for dispersing bad weather are the so-called weather-masses of Roman Christianity.

7. A second remedy is the so-called blessing of the fields, either by the local clergy or a mendicant friar, whose blessings are supposed to be much more effective. The third remedy against approaching thunderstorms is the so-called ringing of the storm alarm (usually the ringing of bells. - ED.), besides which there is shooting with blessed gunpowder, the burning of willow-catkins as incense, the burning of blessed candles, and finally the erection of high weather crosses which are supposed to pose an obstacle to the weather witches.

8. Through what dreadful nonsense does the common man stray away completely from the fact that God is the only Weather-Maker, and all one has to do is ask God for good weather?

9. This kind of superstition has very severe consequences, since the part of mankind that still has a good heart will utterly lose confidence in God. And that is the impact of Hell, which in this manner takes charge of the minds of human beings. Light should he given to the nations, and not darkness. At the proper time, I Myself will ignite a light for these nations, and they will then know how to thank these benefactors of darkness properly.

10. Another kind of superstition that falls into this category consists of the so-called symbols of fortune or misfortune, to which almost all human beings, especially those of the Roman Catholic religion, pay attention. Such folly may exist from the highest class of society down to the lowliest of farmer’s huts. These symbols are a legacy of the heathens. The cause is that such folly is affected mostly by evil spirits that descend from heathendom, and such are not considered to be an error of the soul. They have not developed sufficiently fully to be in Hell; they do, however, still possess free passage to the Earth’s surface in order to obtain proper knowledge and become better beings. These spirits join with many human beings, attach themselves to their physical bodies, and affect with their heathendom the roots of the soul, through which the soul then reaches these foolish assumptions. Many people, however, understand that these things cannot possibly be based on truth; but when they encounter such an occurrence, they begin to doubt their understanding, in the opinion that there might be some truth to it. A true Christian should never entertain such doubts.

11. A much more evil sort of tool for unraveling the future is “fortune-telling” with cards. This evil game has caused many people much unhappiness. That is why everyone should avoid such fortune-tellers. There are as many major devils on their premises as there are cards. If a fortune-teller predicts something which does come true, it is accomplished with the help of evil spirits. Avoid those prophets or prophetesses lest you become prisoners of Hell.

12. A newer kind of unveiling of the future is attempted through mediums. When a medium has reached the desired deep sleep through magnetization, the magnetopath should only record such information as the medium provides voluntarily. The medium should not be coerced to speak, since coercion is very harmful to the health of the medium; wait patiently until the medium begins to speak on her own. You may ask a question only when the words she utters are not clearly understood.

13. Medial exploration through the laying-on of hands should be carried out only by believers on believers. When some conceited, godless pundit places a person into a magnetic sleep by means of artificial manipulation in order to gain some particular information or to conduct some scientific experiment, such a magneto-path is a devil. It would be much better for such a medium to be possessed by a real devil than to be abused by a godless magnetopath without conscience.

14. I tell you this so that you will know what to do if you are ever subjected to such a stale. I will bless every magnetopath who places his hands upon the ailing in My name so as to bring them healing. But the other kind of miracle-workers and futurologists had better stay away from Me.

15. Also, you should make everyone aware that they should not reveal the future to other people through such special means until hey are mature enough to judge such predictions properly. Definite predictions about the future are not only harmful in the highest degree for every soul but are also nonsensical, since a definite future does not exist because everything is in accordance with the free will of human beings.

16. I gave every human being a free spirit, and every human being should make every effort to affect the rebirth of his spirit. When this comes to pass, the future will be revealed to such a person. But as long as that has not happened, there is actually no “future” for such a human being. Above all, seek the kingdom of God; everything else will come by itself.

Main Page The Earth EARTH-68 Chapter