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Main Page The Earth EARTH-70 Chapter

Jesus Christus reveals thru Jacob Lorber: The natural and spiritual Earth

Chapter 70 - The Kingdom of God and Rebirth

This revelation about the Earth describes on one hand its inner and outer nature, the organisation and function of the earth as an enlivened organism and it compares its function and purpose with those of a human organism. On the other hand, this work contains detailed information on the influences of the good and evil spirit world upon the earth and the people. It informs about ecclesial superstition, unnecessary ceremonies, harmful idolatry, obsession and deliverance from it. It also sheds a light in regards of a proper upbringing and character training, forgiveness of sins and characteristics of true and false prophets.

The Lord says:

1. There are many who say... 'The searching of the kingdom of God would for sure be a good thing, if only it were to be found more easily and effectively, and if there were a church or a Christian congregation somewhere, through which the proper path to God’s Kingdom could be found.' Rome proclaims... 'I alone am the right path!' And all the other churches claim the same. But if you walk along one or the other of these paths, which is supposed to lead to the Kingdom of God, you will probably find everything else, but not the promised Kingdom of God, at least not in a way, as it should be expressed by everyone, who has earnestly found it!' But I say... Whoever speaks this way, is not at all wrong, for if someone seeks something for too long and doesn't find it, be it ever so precious, he will over time give up the searching, together with the precious thing. But who is guilty for that? The seeker himself, if he doesn't seek the Kingdom of God, where it can be found, and therein, wherein it can be found.

2. For sure, Rome is not the way thereto, London, Berlin and Petersburg is also not, for it is written well and clear enough, that the Kingdom of God does not come to man in any outer flaunting pomp, but in the inward part of man. Its foundation stone is Christ, the one and only God, Lord of Heaven and Earth, temporally and eternally, in space as well as in the infinity.

3. The heart must believe in Him, it must love Him above all else and love one's neighbour as oneself.

4. Once man has fulfilled this simple demand in his heart completely, then the Kingdom of God has been found already. Man then no longer has to worry about the rest, it will be given to everyone, should he need something.

5. Whoever is in need of wisdom, it will be given to him, whenever and wherever he needs it. Should a person require any external means to maintain his earthly life, they will be given to him at the right time and in a proper measure. Should someone require a special power on a certain occasion, it will be given to him, when he needs it most. Is someone in need of advice or consolation, it shall be given to him, whenever he needs it.

6. Would someone be in need of a foreign language at a certain occasion - even that shall be given to him. And if he wants to help the sick, he doesn't need anything else than My Name and his hands.

7. These advantages however - that goes without saying - no man can have in his own hands with complete authority, while still walking in the flesh, even if he were born again a hundred times, rather only then, when he earnestly needs one or the other.

8. Everyone should realize, that I will not grant My Grace to anyone just for fun. For the reborn one, even if he had found the Kingdom ten times already, must come to Me like everyone else, if he wants to have something. Just as I wasn't able and allowed to do, what I wanted, while I was walking in the flesh on earth, but only what He wanted who sent Me. This one was in Me, as I was in Him, but He was the Spirit of God as Father from eternity, but I was and am His soul. It possesses its own understanding and capability as the highest soul and the most perfect soul of all souls, but still this soul was not allowed to do, what it wanted to do, but only that, what He wanted, from which it has gone forth. Even then, when the soul wanted to push aside the last bitter chalice, the one in Me did not want that, that is why My soul did, what He wanted, who was in Me.

9. That’s why you shouldn’t imagine a reborn human being to be some permanent miracle worker in all things, and neither should you imagine such a one, the way you actually paint your saints, to be encircled with some bogus, so called halo around his head, and even less around his belly, just because he carries the Kingdom of God within him.

10. Neither are there any lauded miraculous signs of holiness - especially those in the Roman legends of the saints - to be found after the death of a reborn one’s body, so no annual bubbling blood of the holy Januarius, no fresh tongue of Peter, Antonii or Nepomuceni, nor any miracle-working chains, clothes or sandals, and even less a beatific Capuchins, Franciscans, Minorites and Servites or any other such frock, and neither any mummy–like incorruptibility of the shed body. All of that cannot be spotted on the reborn one, and if it were actually to be found, any man of sense should ask themselves, what all that stuff should actually be good for! What would the blessed spirit of a reborn person benefit from being bestowed such wonderful, albeit nevertheless meaningless awards, which first of all are of no use to him, but would actually harm his still living brothers quite badly? That’s why none of those, who have found the Kingdom of God, carry such things on them, but instead, only My aforementioned sole grace, which becomes visible only then, when it is really needed.

11. You also shouldn’t imagine the reborn discoverers of My Kingdom as some Carthusian or Trappist, who have completely died in everything and for everyone in the world, who occupy themselves with nothing but the rosary, mass and litany, with ridiculous fasting, with contempt for the female sex, with the strictest cursing of all sinners, and as a pastime, the contemplation of their graves and coffins.

12. Oh, those are no signs of rebirth, no, they are the total opposite, they are the epitome of the complete darkness within them! The light of the reborn does not know any dark sides of life; for within them is only the brightness of day.

13. Grave and coffin are no emblems (symbols) of a reborn person, who has found the Kingdom of God; for there are neither graves nor coffins, because there are no dead ones, instead, there exists only an eternal resurrection and an eternal life, thus no grave or coffin are necessary. For the reborn one already lives continually in his spirit and considers the loss of his body no more as death, than any man would consider it as death, when he is taking off his skirt in the evening, or even better, like someone carrying a burden, whose burden pressures him very much, until he finally puts this burden down at his destination.

14. For this reason, death does not exist anymore for a reborn person. This is indeed a glorious sign of rebirth, but it only exists within man and is not worn publicly on the outside like a modern parisian garment for show. This wonderful sign is also not shown as the so called robe of Trier, but instead, as said before, it is a sign on the inside.

15. Likewise are all the other signs of rebirth only within man and they only become visible on the outside, when it is necessary.

16. Whoever possesses the gift of prophecy, does only possess it then, when he needs it, and if he asks Me to have it before, for nobody can prophesy - but Me.

17. When I lay the words into the heart and unto the tongue of the reborn one, then he will prophesy; otherwise though he will speak like everyone else. It is the same with the other gifts as well, like stated before already.

18. From all of this you can see, that it is not so difficult to find the Kingdom of God, and to reach the rebirth is also not that difficult, as so many believe or at least think.

19. People with the so called 'second sight' shouldn’t be viewed as reborn ones just because of their 'second sight', which is only a result of their nervous system, through which the soul can easily transmit its visual perceptions from the soul-ish realm to the organism of the body - by means of the nerve spirit - because those easily excitable nerves don’t stand in the way of this. Strong nerves certainly cannot do that, that is why people with strong nerves rarely or never have the so called 'second sight'.

20. Therefore, if a human being possesses the 'second sight', this should be viewed as neither something good nor something bad, instead it is a form of illness of the body, which people mostly reach through all kinds of unfavorable events during the course of their lives. Great sadness, prolonged fear and massive horrors etc. are usually the cause for it, but sometimes also artificial means such as magnetism, intoxication and every now and then anesthesia through narcotic herbs can also be a leading factor. In short: such signs should certainly not be looked at as a sign of rebirth, which can already be easily gathered from the fact, that such visionaries portray their envisioned images the way they actually perceived them; but in none of their stories exists any foundation, upon which they have been built, and so, such stories are without any kind of context, even if they sound quite odd, and they lie amongst themselves like the leaves in a forest, once they have fallen from the trees.

21. The reason for it lies therein... Their spirit and their soul are not yet connected with each other, and therefore no basis and no context can be perceived and conceived before everyone's eyes, while out of the mouth of a reborn one, even if only partially at first, every depiction of spiritual things express the correct basis and the complete context.

22. That is therefore also a sign of the actual rebirth and a quite meaningful difference compared to a mere visionary. And thus one should also not expect any foolish miracles as a result of rebirth, but instead completely natural fruits of a healthy spirit and a soul that has been healed by it. Everything else belongs into a madhouse.

23. The reborn one knows, that one should not make a prestidigitator or conjuror with the gifts of the Holy Spirit; therefore he only applies them, when they are actually needed - mostly in secret only!

24. But whoever desires to gain the rebirth, in order to possess any kind of miracle abilities, this one may rest assured, that no such grace will be bestowed upon him in this world; for that would mean to literally throw the most precious pearls to the swines.

25. Love for Me, great kindness from the heart, love for all people - that is bundled together - the only correct sign of being reborn. But where this sign is missing, and where the humility is not yet strong enough to endure every push - there neither halo, frock nor spiritual visions are of any use, and all those people are often farther away from the Kingdom of God than many others with a still quite worldly looking face. For as said before, the Kingdom of God never comes with any outer pomp, but rather only on the inside, in all stillness and completely unnoticed, in the heart of man.

26. Engrave these things as deep as you possibly can into your soul, then you will be able to find the Kingdom of God much easier than you think, but if you imagine the Kingdom of God to be all sorts of ridiculous miracle stupidities, and if you still expect them – and yet they do not come, you’ll have to only blame yourselves, when the Kingdom of God passes by one or the other among you. For the Kingdom of God has never been foretold to be found in such nonsense; but wherein it is foretold, there it can be found ever so easily. But there are many, who behave like complete scatterbrains, by searching the Kingdom of God, as if they were looking for their hat, even though it already sits atop their head.

27. The visions of the reborn are the only righteous ones. However, all other visions can only reach righteousness, once they become illuminated by a reborn spirit. Those can be trusted, but all other visions, dreams and means of divination should not be trusted, because they only stem from the terrible rabble, which crawls into the human flesh at countless opportunities, and thereby, the naive soul gets tarnished with all sorts of filth.

28. Just like no one should pay any attention to such foolishness, one should however pay utmost attention to the words of a truly reborn one, because such a one does not give anything else, than what he receives, - while the other one only gives, what he imagines to do himself.

29. Whoever says magnificently... 'I say it, and this is my work!', do not believe him. And if someone speaks as if he is talking in the name of the Lord, but still actually only does it for his own honor and benefit, do not believe him either!

30. But whoever speaks without self-interest and without being overly ambitious... 'The Lord says!', this one you can believe, especially when he does not pay attention to his own esteem. Because the reborn one only knows the honor of the Lord, but all men are simply his brothers!

Main Page The Earth EARTH-70 Chapter