Embrace the Cornerstone, wherein flow Springs of Living Water

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The Lord says… You tread the wide Path which leads to Destruction! Embrace the Cornerstone… He is your Life!

March 28, 2005 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord… O peoples of the earth, why do you corrupt and pollute My garden?… Behold, you have made it as the dung heap! For in your hearts you have forsaken your Maker, even He who has given you breath.

Behold, you have signed your certificate, and with death you are in agreement. And though you walk as if you will live forever, I tell you the truth, you are dead though you yet live. For you tread the wide path, and behold, destruction waits for you upon the horizon; it draws ever closer, as the evening shadows stretch out behind you.

Behold, the wicked shall crawl upon the ground, they shall surely beg for mercy. And you, O great men in authority, all you great and proud men whose intellect never ceases from betraying their souls, your knowledge is useless; all your achievements are in vain and shall come to nothing before The Lord, in the Day of His anger… Dust and ashes, trampled under the feet of Him who comes to tread.

Why do you kick your foot against The Stone, and beat upon your breast before The Truth, seeking to cast Him asunder?… You are like a lost traveler without a home, and like the beast of the field you have no shelter…

Thus your wisdom is wind; and your every ambition, a fool’s aspiration.

Yet in My love I had lain for you a strong foundation, upon which you were to stand; and in My mercy I constructed high walls, made with the finest stone to protect you, even from yourselves…

Engravened stones, touched by the finger of God. Yet you seek to remove the immovable, to hide that which cannot be hidden; behold, you deny that which is self-evident for all time, endeavoring to scrape off the writing thereof.

Shall you deface The Commandments of God?! Shall you desecrate The Moral Law, which keeps you from destruction? And shall you now also hew out The Cornerstone and cast it into the sea, far away from you, that you may never behold it again?!…

Hard generation, can anyone cut out their own heart and live?!… And who is able to walk alone in darkness, without a light to guide them? Who shall uphold them when they stumble? Who shall catch them when they fall, or bind up their wounds as they lay along the wayside?

O ignorant and confused generation, deceived peoples, The Stone, which you seek to cast away, is your LIFE!… HE IS YOUR ONLY SALVATION!… And these engravened stones are LIBERTY and LOVE.

For none truly know Me, and few partake of My words with a fervent desire to know them. For I have spoken, and behold it is and shall be…

‚Listen to Me, My people; and give ear to Me, O nations… My Law proceeds from Me and I have made My justice rest, even as a light for all people. My righteousness is near, My Salvation has gone forth, My arms judge the people; the coastlands wait for Me, and in My arm they have placed all their trust. Therefore lift up your eyes to the heavens, and look upon the earth beneath. For the heavens shall vanish away like smoke, and the earth will grow old like a garment, and those who dwell in it shall die in like manner… Yet My Salvation is forever, and My righteousness can never be abolished.‘

Thus The Rock has indeed become The Head of the Corner, and comes to break the backs of the wicked, to grind the rebellious to dust. For its weight is heavy beyond measure; its placement sure, immovable and everlasting.

Therefore, come and be broken atop this Stone, and it shall bear you up. Yet cover it over, in an effort to hide it from others, and you also shall be hidden; into the pit will you stumble, into the grave shall you fall, covered over in the day of My punishment… Behold, the Day is at hand, for My punishment does not sleep! My judgment is fully aroused and destruction comes quickly!

O peoples of the earth, My beloved created ones, why do you imagine a vain thing and entertain evil thoughts? Why do you pretend your Maker is not, and concoct evil schemes to deny My existence?… Behold, shame covers you and wickedness fills your faces! You lie to your own children! You teach them false and evil doctrines, even from their youth, perpetuating an abundance of lies without question, as you continue to hide behind all your ideology… Making others to dwell in the furnace with you!

Therefore I ask you, where will you run?… And where will you hide when the waters from Heaven descend like a flood, and judgment flows down like a mighty river, filling the entire earth?…

For I am coming down to quench every fiery dart of the evil one, and to extinguish all things which cause My people to fall into the fire.

Behold, The Right Arm of God is come already, and shall return to gather up the light! He is also coming in the power of His strength to punish the dark! For the darkness of this world has smote the light, without ceasing!… No More!

For The Lamb of God has paid the full ransom and is come to collect His reward, and to repay double to those who refuse to be indebted to Him!

Come now, repent and humble yourselves, lest His rod smite you atop your head; kneel, bow down heavily, and pray always that His wide, sweeping blow passes over you… And love Him, for through Him you were given life!… And He shall surely reward you, even according to that which has already been given you, forevermore.

Therefore, love your Lord as He loves you, embrace that which you had sought to cast away and accept that which you have rejected… Come now, little children, and be seated at the right hand of your Father… For it is time.