Enmity and the Word

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The Lord explains… Enmity & The Word The Battle… The Division of My Harvest

July 2, 2006 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord to His Servant… Timothy, write as I command you, and have understanding of My words and that same Word which I have also placed within you.

The time has come, and is yet come, for you to speak. I will put My words in your mouth and cause you to speak them. You shall not fear. You shall not stumble. You shall not stifle My voice in you. You shall cry aloud with a new voice… Yea, you shall shout My proclamation. In a loud voice, you shall speak My commandments… You shall sing the praises of The Lord in this land. Yea, even in many lands I shall show you, you shall minister. You shall surely go at My command.

I shall stoke the embers within you, you shall burn from within… A blazing fire shall rage within you. You shall spew fire in the face of the multitude, and they shall be singed, they shall be burned. Even they who withstand you, who do rebel against their God and sow dissension, even these shall be burned up, fleeing at the terror of The Lord. They, too, shall know that which you speak is not your own, but the fury of The Lord spoken through mere men, the prophets of the end of this age… a call to repentance, My pronouncement of judgment, carrying the full weight of My Spirit which I shall establish in you.

Beware, and give heed… The Word of The Lord is poured out upon The Lord’s special offering. These have received My reward… They shall not die. They shall mount up and ride into battle. They shall slay all enmity between Me and My people, a great division… They shall divide My harvest. They shall blow the trumpet, they shall not tire… they shall surely sing. My vessels are sealed… They are filled and set in their places.

I will pour them out on all peoples, whether they will hear or whether they will forbear… All shall be accountable to that which was spoken in their hearing. All shall hear… language is no obstacle for The Lord. For all the gifts of the Spirit shall My chosen obtain… Even more shall they receive.

Of such a one as these are you, oh beloved Timothy. Why do you doubt what is before you? Embrace My promises, and believe, and you shall be given all that your heart desires, for what you have asked of Me is of a righteous heart and in line with My will. Though you stumble, though you have fallen, remember, I have seen your heart. I know that which even you do not know of your own self. Believe, and it shall be done, for the prayers of a righteous man avail much. And that same man of pure faith, nothing doubting, can do anything The Lord asks of Him, for The Lord does dwell in that man, and that man dwells in The Lord.

Thus says The Lord, your Redeemer… What then, Timothy, is it you wait for? Come here and sit beside Me, and I shall give you understanding of all that you seek. Receive of Me, and let us arise and go forth into battle. Victory is assured, for the enemy is and was defeated, since the foundation of the world… Fear not, The Lord is with you.

Timothy, you yet ask of that which I have already told you. If you go and be among your kindred of your wife, there shall be no peace, but war. And if you go not, there shall be no peace, but war. So then, what shall you do in the face of certain conflict? Shall I have mercy upon these, who have spoken against Me, even a cursing of My words?

Indeed I shall, for they will come to call on My name by tribulation. Shall I not punish these smoking fire-brands, who make light of My prophet and desecrate My words and this gift I have given them? Shall I give unto you the very fruit of My body, the sanctity of My words, and then feed it to the dogs?… Lo, you have given it to them, they have eaten. Behold, they have vomited it up again and made it meat for flies. Shall I not punish them?

What of you, My beloved? Shall you stay silent in the presence of those who have sinned against Me? I know you, Beloved… You shall rage, and you shall be justified, but not by anger. Timothy shall speak… I will put My words in his mouth, and he shall gouge them with the Truth.

So then, Timothy, and wife, Beloved, go and honor your parents, for they do believe in Me… In this you do well, neither is this against My will. For if those, who are the elders of My flock, call upon you, you shall surely go. And if such others come, who are also called, though they remain in judgment, you shall still honor your mother and your father, for their dwelling place is of God and sanctified by My presence there.

A warning… None shall depart contented. The hammer shall drop and the gap shall be widened… A severe gash, a great striving over words. From discontentment and hurt shall come unity. Though there is division, there shall come unity and later reconciliation.

Remember, little ones, to stay silent, and to keep the peace in false words, is to deny The Lord your God and I, the One who The Father has sent to dwell among you… In your very presence.

Be not downhearted, nor fear, for hardship is coming… A great awakening… Desolations have been determined. And these very same ones, who mock you and do desecrate My name, shall run… They shall flee and seek refuge. And to whom will they go?… They shall go to those they had wronged, and repent.

Then you shall say to them… ‚Come, you are welcome. Neither are you forsaken. Repent not for that which you have done unto me, for I have already forgiven you. Turn to Him, who shall save you… Turn to The Lord your God, and call out to Him in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ, The Lord.‘

Rejoice, therefore, for I am coming quickly, and I shall fight against them with the sword of My mouth. All enmity against The Lord your God shall die in that Day. I am the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, forever and ever… Amen and Amen.