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March 20, 2008 - From YahuShua HaMashiach, Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

My children, I have always been and will always be your Father, Your brother, your closest friend, from now on and forever, until even time passes away…

No more counting of days, forever in My presence… My own beloved… Remade and refashioned, of such a kind that will never fade nor see corruption ever again.

Beloved, know you not that I am with you? How is it, then, that you come before Me, asking of that which is already fulfilled in you? Beloved, you seek Me and this is very good. Yet you resist Me in the asking; neither embracing, nor believing, that which is in you. Beloved, you are already delivered from all your infirmities… Seek Me, and ask, and believe, and it shall be done in you. And that, which is worked through Timothy, is done in all My body… Human power is of no use at all, beloved. All, that is done, is done through Me and given to you. How, then, do you not believe? It is even for this reason and according to that, given you, which you have yet to walk in. Therefore, walk in Me and receive of Me, and all that you desire, according to Me and My will, shall be manifest.

For where I am, there can be no darkness… Where I am, all evil flees away…

And where I am, healing abides and is enabled by your faith… Trust, of such a kind, never looking back Or to the left hand or to the right hand, but straight forward… Eyes fixed upon Me.

For that, in which you have become fixated, is that which you shall receive. This is why I said, “Those in Me are no longer in the world, though they remain in it.” For I am not of the world, it is My footstool.

Therefore, beloved, remain in My love, and that is what you shall receive… Even an abundance, bursting forth in rivers of running waters, healing all things which have become burdensome to you.

My yoke is easy, and My burden is light, for all those who live in Me. Therefore, beloved, this is My commandment to you: As you love Me, even so shall you love one another, Until which time I come and gather you.

Wait, wait in all patience and faith, trusting in God, even The Father, Knowing He is of Me and I of Him… The Father and The Son are One.

Wait, beloved, with all long-suffering, and take and eat of all this bread I have given you, And drink deeply of My Spirit poured out.

Beloved, consume My Word, even daily, and at every opportunity, both in that written in the Scriptures of Truth, even all of it, and also take of this present bread given you, and eat and digest it fully, even of all these Letters… They are My gift to you, that love letter written to My beloved saints of the end of this age, and left for those who are yet untamed. Beloved, you remain in My love… Walk in Me. And watch now how many I shall bring, yea, a great multitude that no man can number!… For lo, the first harvest shall be lowly, of the lowly, and the second plenteous, says The Lord.

Trust in Me, for nothing remains outside My will. Therefore, rest in the hope and the blessing, Understanding that The Father knows all things, even from the beginning… Nothing has escaped His eye.

For all the works, prepared of The Father, Were known to Him before the foundation of the world, And have been prepared and set up for all those, foreordained, Who will come to Him and have already.

For the Day appointed has come, and will progress quickly, Until the fullness of all those, who were also appointed, come into salvation… Even until the time of all those, appointed unto wrath, is fulfilled.

Behold a new day, even one thousand years… Rest.