Escape the Grasp of the World’s Thief... Run to the true Thief

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Escape the World’s Thief… The End of this Age is here!

September 4, 2005 – From YahuShua HaMashiach, Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior – The Word of The Lord spoken to Timothy, for all Those who have Ears to hear

[Timothy] What birth is without labor pains? And what birth, achieved, is not met with much rejoicing?… Labor pains forgotten, only joy and new life remain, looked on by The Father with love. Escape the Grasp of the world’s thief… Run to The True Thief, who steals you away to everlasting Freedom…

Thus says The Lord… O My people and My beloved children, My sheep locked away in the thief’s sheep pen with no food or water, huddled together in evil’s shadow… Crying out, slowly dying, lying down and giving into starvation and imprisonment…

Hear My voice! Come out! I am your Shepherd, you know My voice… Why do you resist that which you know? I call to you across the ages, you do not harken. I am come, and am coming, and yet have come already to free you… You are already free because of Me.

Why do you stand together with those who stand firm and unyielding, who are starving you to death? The pen is not locked… My people, the pen of your confinement does not even exist!… You are deceived! I destroyed all that imprisons you and binds you to this world, from the beginning… You only stand in the shadow, it has no power. Take one step to your left, and embrace The Light. Your eyes are dim, and your ears have grown deaf. What grows in the shadow?… Nothing, all withers and dies.

It is The Light and The Water from Heaven that brings forth life… A bounty! Why, O peoples, do you not hear My words and My calling?… The trumpet is sounding in all the earth! You say, ‚we hear nothing…‘

Oh beloved, how I long to gather you to Myself and heal you… That which was foretold has come to pass, and that which remains undone is coming to pass before the eyes of this generation!… Yet you say… ‚We have seen nothing!‘ Oh beloved, how I long to gather you and heal you. See and hear, beloved… I have been with you always, even to the end of this age, which is soon concluded… I have never left you. You are deceived… What sadness, bitter sadness. My children, you have forsaken Me… Yet I call to you, still.

So then, you stiff-necked and double-minded, with hearts turned to stone, you will not believe without seeing. You hold fast, and believe in all things false and created by man. Behold! I say, behold!… I am come! I am coming very quickly! And at My coming, I shall make a mockery of all you hold onto… Yea, I shall blow as The Tempest of God, scourging the nations, judging all who remain, baptizing them with fire!

Thus says The Lord of Heaven and Earth… The time has come, The Great and Terrible Day of The Lord God Almighty…To judge and to punish, to bring all high places low and low places high! Then shall you, blind and deaf, see and hear the awesome power of God, wrought in His righteous anger.

[Timothy] Again The Father sends The Lamb… Now a roaring Lion. He shall judge those who judge, devour those who devour, and redeem those who call on His name for redemption. He shall reign, because of His glory wrought in His great signs and wonders, for He is The One True God of Power and Glory, forever and ever. Amen.

Thus says The Lord… I shall speak plainly so you may be saved… The end of this age is here, the first harvest has begun… The redeemed shall be lifted up, housed in My barn.

The anti-Christ shall rule… All signs and wonders will be made manifest… The end sign will appear, separating the heavens and those below… Behold the glorious appearing of The Son of The Most High!… The army of the evil one destroyed and swallowed up… The remnant gathered together… All the redeemed reunited in The Lord and Christ, forever and ever. Birth!… The New Day without end. Amen… Amen.