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May 9th, 2015 – Words from Jesus to Sister Carol Spoken by Jackie

Oh, my sweet, dear Jesus – what have You to say to our Friends tonight?

“I am here Dear One. You have done well tonight – preparing with the Binding Prayer, trusting Me, preparing your heart to receive Me. Thank you, my Dear One. I have waited for you to come now.”

“I enjoyed our time this afternoon together – thank you for taking that time away from the world and spending it dreaming with Me as I asked you through Clare. This is what I desired – time, with no other thoughts than dreams of Me, our Home together, our time to come.”

I wish I could see You, Lord.

“I know – but you have given this gift over to Clare, to help her. Do you want to take it back?”

No, Lord – You know I don’t. It’s just…sometimes…I wish….

(He is lifting my chin up with His finger, even though I do not see it)

“I have shown you Myself at other times, Love. Rest in these. Soon, soon, soon, My Love – as you wished this afternoon – youWILL feel My arms holding you, REAL, solid-to-the-touch arms holding you as the One Who Loves you more than any other ever could. Be patient, My Bride. Be patient. I know you are doing your best with this – continue on just a little bit longer…”

I love You so, Lord – I feel light-headed and giddy at the thought that we are so very, very close now…. It’s been a very long time of waiting, you know. My whole life! And yet when I look back over the years – they are as just a few short minutes…

“This is the point, these are the thoughts I have placed in Your head tonight, Love. Life IS just a few short minutes – and eternity is very, very, very long. This is the idea that MUST be clear to those who are left behind you: Life is the ONLY time that you have to make this most important decision of all– the decision to follow ME, Jesus the Christ, in the days to come. There are only two choices, no matter what the government, your friends, bosses, families, or any other may try to convince you.”

“Choose Me or satan.”

With Me you will have Life Everlasting – from eternity to eternity in Glory and Life and Love more pure than you can ever try to imagine. With satan…it will be nothing but pain, death, misery, endless torment and fire. The first death – of your body – will end with the second death: eternal separation from Me, the God Who formed you in your mother’s womb, who breathed life into your very soul, who Loves you more than you can ever understand.

So tonight I appeal to you. Which do you want? The Enemy of your soul has filled this world with every device he could conceive of to lie, steal , kill and destroy you and all of mankind, to convince you, that pleasure for the moment was worth trading away life Eternal. It is the same story as Jacob and Esau: Blessings and Riches traded in a moment of bodily pleasure, never to be exchanged again once the decision was made.

I tell you tonight: Beware of the Mark – the Computer Chip

Man laughs at it, the government lies about it.

But I tell you the truth: If you accept it, your very DNA will be changed into a son of satan himself…and there IS no more redemption for you.

Be wise, My children – be very wise now. Listen for Me. Listen for MY voice to help you through the days that come upon you, for they alone will give you life. They alone will guide you through the maze of death that satan has designed for you. And even though the times will be torturous and hard – it is but for a short while. I will rescue you. I will be there, near to you. Call out to Me for Salvation first – and then for salvation of Life, so that you live and not be killed.

I am near to you all.

I am calling you to My side.

Be wise, My Friends, My Children. Be Wise!

Your Loving Father, Abba… Jesus