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The Lord says… My chosen People come & bring the Fullness of all Nations with you

January 8, 2006 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Oh My dearly beloved children, seek Me… And those, who have not, shall soon seek and call on My name, by Him who I have sent to them. To the rest, they shall call to the mountains to fall on them, and will hide themselves from My face and His whose is like lightning.

In Him shall you glory… For His glory shall shine in the hearts of those who wish to live in His glory, for I have glorified Him for all time, making an end of sin and death, for those, who accept the grace of Him, I have glorified forever and ever… From death unto life… By His blood are you saved… Amen.

Many have rejected and forsaken Him, having fallen into temptation and foolishness, having not taken The Way opened to them.

The veil has been lifted, and the partition ripped in twain, from top to bottom… Opening the way for all those who thirst, to drink from Him who is The Water of Life, being cleansed so they may stand in the midst of The Holy Place.

Come, My chosen people, and bring with you the fullness of all the lands and nations… Enter therein, and receive My joy… None are forsaken, all are welcomed.

Those, who will not come, have forsaken their own life, not accepting that God their Father has placed Himself on the altar, by way of His Son…

Wherefore We, together, were broken, scourged, crucified, and pierced for your transgressions, having no company or part in transgression Ourself… The Son is in Me, and I in Him.

You children of this earth, you stand and live a little lower than the angels, crafted delicately in flesh and blood. I live forever, high above the heavens, having made all that is made and knowing all that is known.

And yet by love did I become as you are in flesh, so you may become as He who I sent to you, in glory and life everlasting… Completely free from sin and transgression, receiving the understanding by My Spirit, ending the mystery that is God, and passing into the knowledge of love through acceptance and understanding, that indeed I AM WHO I AM, and I alone am God.

And He, My only Begotten, is the only way to Me, where you shall abide in joy, forever, and even forever… All tears gone from your cheeks.