From Betrayal to Victory

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June 2, 2009 - From YahuShua HaMashiach, Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

It has come up before Me among My flocks, this question, and now of your wife also. For your sake, Timothy, I shall answer, for you came and humbled yourself before Me, sincerely seeking to hear, even if it means your correction… Not at all doubting the word of your brothers in the Scriptures of Truth, nor that Word in the Volumes, which reveals My glory according to that gift which was seemingly rejected… Then, once again, received by repentance, sincere remorse, proven also in action.

So then, My beloved lambs, indeed you remain babes and yet lack understanding. Nor can you see past that wall you have built up in yourselves, which yet blocks your vision… Tear it down, so you may see! Soften your forehead, and perk up your ears, and wipe your eyes… See clearly and hear My Word.

Before you in the Scriptures, you see the man called Judas who betrayed the Son of Life unto death… Who, by receiving the bribe, revealed the Son of Man’s location, even leading His accusers to Him, not realizing that each step taken was bringing him that much closer to destruction by his own hand, and that out of extreme remorse for what he had done… Only realized because of My spirit which had returned, whereby his walk with satan had ended… Where he again took the money, the price for which I had been weighed, and cast it down at the feet of the guilty… Who then took the money and bought the Potter’s Field, as it is written, the Field of Blood, where Judas also hung himself.

Therefore, Judas could not buy a field with the money he did not own, nor did it enter his mind. Rather those, with evil and hardened hearts, bought the field to bury those they saw as unworthy in their eyes… Whereby a sign was made and fulfilled by Judas, written in his own blood, splattering it, that no man may ever be buried there. And so it remains to this day… the desolate Field of Blood.

And of Judas, he shall be with Me in paradise. Do not speak to the contrary, lest I leave you upon the earth at the Last Day, for the blaspheming of the Spirit and My words…

For I forgive all who come back to Me, Even that one sheep in ninety-nine who was given Me and went astray… Even that one among twelve shall be returned to Me.

For I am the Lord…

And of all those the Father has given Me, I shall lose not one.

Therefore, O wicked and hard-hearted sheep, do you really know Me?… And of that one sin, which cannot be forgiven, of which Judas did not commit? For though he died before Me, his sins I also bore, even crucifying them upon the tree in My own body.

All those who repent, with sincere remorse in their hearts, are saved… For I am the One that makes it possible for them to do so.

And though some have fallen asleep in death, While others are destroyed by death, even at their own hand, I ask you, does death have the last word?!…

By NO means… For I shall raise them up at the Last Day!

For I have granted them the victory, Even as I am the Victory, being the Firstfruits from death… And those given Me shall likewise be first.

And those, who think of themselves as first and well-deserving, While condemning others in their perverse judgments of the heart and mind, Never coming into the true knowledge of who I am… They shall be last.

That, which is accomplished in Me, is, and was, and is coming quickly…

Even from the foundation of the world, it was finished and completed, For I had overcome the world from the beginning…

ALL is Mine.

And this is the will of the One who sent Me: That I should not lose any of all those He has given Me But should raise them up on the Last Day. ~ John 6:39