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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 1 GGJ01-165 Chapter

Chapter 165 - Why must men be born?

165,1. All move to the huts now to partake of the meal, all being in good spirits and therefore cheerful and happy.

165,2. After the meal Kisjonah says to Me: ‘That if I have no objection then he would now make the rounds on his alp before night settles in, to pay his shepherds and take a look at the flocks, checking also how much wool the shepherds had clipped.

165,3. I said: ‘Listen, tomorrow is the day before Sabbath, which I want to spend on these mountains, but today, since our meal was an extended one, with the day lasting only another two hours, let us just stay happily together here and discuss a few important things. And this evening you are yet to go through quite a few things.’

165,4. Says Kisjonah: ‘Lord, Your every heart’s desire is a holy commandment to me. But now I shall come up with a question straight away and this concerns those 3 men who 2 days ago came to us in great splendor, floating through the air rather than straddling the mountain with their feet. These 3 men have now been constantly in our company, speaking with us and eating and drinking with us, being extremely obliging and helpful and, except for a more noble form, they look like ourselves.

165,5. It seems almost as if they are going to stay with us, which would please me endlessly. I previously had embraced and kissed them and see, they had bones and a firm and strong body throughout, so that I had to wonder greatly.

165,6. My question therefore is to find out from You how this is possible. Earlier on they were mere spirits, whereas now they are physical beings like us. Where does their body come from? And if these spontaneously obtained bodies and as it turns out, much more perfect ones than ours, could not all men be set into this world in that way, instead of through laborious birth?’

165,7. I said: ‘You would not, to begin with, see and physically feel these three angels, had I not conditioned you for this occasion in such a way that your soul obviously, united with her spirit, could see the spiritual through the body, seeing and perceiving same as if it was on the natural plane and therefore physical. It nevertheless is and remains completely spiritual, including nothing physical.

165,8. Men and spirits however are distinguished from each other, in that a spirit like these three angels had from primordial times used his freedom wisely within My order and had thereafter not ever sinned against it, but a proportion of spirits, too vast for your understanding, had misused their free will and therefore plunged into the threatened judgment. And from such spirits, of which this whole Earth and all countless worlds, such as sun, moon and stars consist, go forth by way of an unalterable natural law, the natural men of this Earth as well as those of all other worlds. And this along the familiar way of generation and subsequent birth, having to therefore first be reared and later instructed in human-hood and, after shedding of the body, developed into pure and completely free spirits.

165,9. Since the flesh of man is given him and therefore to the spirit raised up from judgment, mainly to undergo a free will test as if in a separate world, you can now easily understand that for the perfected spirits, a body of flesh would be quite superficial, as the flesh is only the means but not and never can be, the purpose, as everything is to ultimately become purely spiritual and never material again.

165,10. I say unto you: this Earth and this whole, actually physical Heaven such as suns, moons and worlds, shall once pass away, after all the spirits held captive within them shall through the way of the flesh have become pure spirits, but the pure spirits remain forever and shall not and cannot ever pass away, just as I and My Word cannot. Tell Me whether you have now understood this.’

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 1 GGJ01-165 Chapter