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Chapter 167 - Beware of tempting women

167,1. However, woe betide the world when the women again start to wear finery, bedeck themselves and will sit on the thrones. Then the Earth will be put through the fire.

167,2. Therefore, maintain good discipline with the women and let them above all practice proper humility. They should be clean, but never dressed up in finery and bedecked, for women’s finery and jewelry is mankind’s grave and ruin in everything.

167,3. But just as a pure, well-mannered and humble woman is a blessing for a house, a bedecked and thereby proud woman among men, fully comparable to a snake that through its wanton glances lures the Heaven’s birds into its venomous and destructive jaws.

167,4. Therefore I advise, but do not wish to make this advice a command:

167,5. If someone looks for a wife, let him make sure that the maiden he woos does not bedeck her body, except cleanses it with water which is needed for the body’s health, and does not bear an immodest face in the street, which does not befit a woman, and does not parade her attractions, but is in every way modest, has her body well covered with a linen garment and in winter with undyed cloths from sheep’s wool, also does not talk much nor boast as if she possessed something, for it is most beneficial for a woman if she possesses nothing but what is absolutely necessary. Such a maiden is then also worthy of a man, and you shall woo her. But I tell you: avoid like a carrion a maiden who is rich, bedecked, wears clothes with striking colors, bears an immodest expression in the street, likes to be greeted by the rich and distinguished, but says to the poor: “Just look at the smelly beggars.”

167,6. Such a maiden is a true image, on a small scale, of enticing Hell, and who woos such a one commits a gross sin against the divine order and may reckon with it that such a woman, who on Earth hardly ever changes her ways, if she dies before her husband, will – even if he was a righteous man and had loved his wife very much for her earthly attractions – draw him into Hell for at least a very lengthy period.

167,7. For in the same way that such a woman used on this Earth tricks to catch herself the man her lewdness had chosen, she will – only a thousand times more destructive – in the beyond come to meet her following husband with all imaginable charm and draw him into her hellish nest. And it will be most difficult for the husband to extricate himself from his wife’s influence.

167,8. Therefore, keep that in mind and let the one who woos get first will acquainted with his bride and examine all aspects, so that he does not instead of winning an angel become encumbered with a devil of whom it will not be easy to rid himself.

167,9. I have clearly shown you the distinguishing marks. Do heed the warning and you will succeed here and in the beyond. I do not actually give you this as a commandment that is to bind you, but only, as already mentioned, as good advice which will be most beneficial to you and all vain women in particular, if heeded.

167,10. For the one among you who will reprimand a vain and cunningly seductive woman to make her realize her wicked folly shall once in Heaven be richly rewarded.

167,11. Therefore, turn your eyes away from a tempting woman, for such a woman is secretly without knowing it in league with Satan and unconsciously serves him in his seductive designs.

167,12. If anyone of you wishes to see Satan in his worst form, let him look at an adorned whore or a decorated woman and he has seen Satan in his for a man most dangerous form.

167,13. When Satan comes as a dragon and spits war, famine and pestilence over the Earth, he is least dangerous to men, for in their misery men turn to God and begin to do penance, thereby avoiding Hell and its judgment.

167,14. However, when Satan clothes his dragon in the light-garment of an angel, he is most dangerous to the by nature sensually inclined man, just as if a ravening wolf came among the sheep in a sheepskin. If the wolf comes to the sheep as a wolf, they flee in all directions confusing the death-bringer, so that he stops and ponders after which sheep to run and finally has to leave without prey. If, however, he comes in a sheepskin, the sheep do not flee, but on the contrary happily welcome the new sheep that has joined them, which is a wolf that mangles the entire flock without a single sheep fleeing from it.

167,15. Look this instruction and this advice you should, therefore, keep in your hearts as a shrine and strictly stick to it as if I had given you a commandment. Then your marriages will have the blessing from Heaven, otherwise the curse from Hell.

167,16. Therefore, do not be seduced by the blind and deceptive charms of the world, but be at all times clear-headed and value the world’s worth correctly. Do not trade in the gold and pearls which you have now received from the Heavens for the foolishness of the world, then you will always have peace among you and see Heaven open before you. But if you will allow yourselves to be captivated by the attractions of the world, it will be your own fault if Heaven will keep becoming more firmly closed to you. And when in great distress you will be calling to Heaven for help, you will not get it, for it is not possible for a person who loves the world and is firmly attached to it to be at the same time in a blessed contact with Heaven.

167,17. Every human being is created and made in such a way that he could not bear evil and good, false and true in one and the same heart side by side. It has to be one or the other, but never both simultaneously.

167,18. He can and must indeed recognizes both in his mind, but in his heart there can dwell but one of them as life’s foundation.

167,19. Have you now understood and grasped this My advice?’

167,20. Say all, ‘Yes, Lord and Master in all divine wisdom.’

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 1 GGJ01-167 Chapter