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Chapter 207 - The right kind of fasting

207,1. Both of them and still many others who had heard the explanation by the angel open their eyes in surprise and Peter asks Me: ‘Lord, is it right what Jonael’s servant has just said? It does sound a bit peculiar. How can the body be nourished with the soul’s excrement? Does then the soul too have a stomach and maybe even an anus?’

207,2. I said: ‘The angel has spoken truthfully, this is how it is. Therefore, feasting and carousing makes the soul itself sensuous and material. It is overloaded, the body cannot absorb all the soul’s excrement and as a result this stays in the soul, oppresses and frightens it, so that it makes every effort to rid itself of the too much accumulated excrement. This is done through all kinds of lewdness, fornication, adultery and so on.

207,3. However, since these things offer the soul a certain stimulus for lust it keeps becoming increasingly lustful, turns more and more to feasting and carousing, becomes finally most sensual, absolutely ignorant in spiritual things and as a result hard, unfeeling and in the end evil, proud and arrogant.

207,4. For, once a soul has lost its spiritual value – and it had to lose it through the here described way of life – it begins to literally erect itself a throne from excrement and finally even finds honor and authority through the fact that it is so rich in excrement.

207,5. I tell you: all people who in the world enjoy the things that please their sensuality are over their ears and eyes in their thickest dirt and, therefore, spiritually completely deaf and blind and no longer want to see, hear and understand that which would be of benefit to them.

207,6. Therefore, you should always be moderate in eating and drinking to avoid falling ill in your soul so that this may not perish in its excrement.’

207,7. Peter, looking very doubtful, says: ‘Lord, if so, which cannot be doubted, one should probably fast more than eat?’

207,8. I said: ‘He who fasts at the right time does better than the one who is always feasting. But there is still a difference between fasting and fasting. A proper fasting consists in abstaining from sin and in all worldly things denying oneself with all one’s might, carrying one’s cross (in those times figuratively: misery, want and oppression) and following Me without being too scrupulous in eating and drinking, but also not exceeding what is needed by guzzling. All other kinds of fasting have little or no value at all.

207,9. For there are people who by a certain castigation of their body wish to penetrate into the world of spirits and with their help conquer the forces of nature. That is then not only useless for the soul, but extremely harmful. There the soul falls from the tree of life as an immature fruit whose core of life is always rotten, hollow, empty and thus dead.

207,10. Such a castigation and fasting is therefore not only no virtue, but it is a very gross sin.

207,11. Therefore, who wishes to live in accordance with the true order, let him live as I Myself do, and as I teach him to live, then he will see the living fruit of life blossom within him and fully ripen. In this fruit there will not be a dead stone, but a fully alive one for the once to come everlasting life in the spirit will be growing and forming into the most alive self-awareness in the best of order and beneficial progress. Now you know also in this matter what you have to do in full accordance with the divine order. Act accordingly, and you will have life within you.

207,12. But now the sun’s rays are gathering strength. Therefore we shall make our retreat from this hill to the shady garden, and you My scribe Matthew can sort out your writing tablets for a fuller rendition of the happenings and teachings but we shall now allow ourselves a little rest.’

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 1 GGJ01-207 Chapter