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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 1 GGJ01-215 Chapter

(AUDIO/VIDEO/TEXT The Greek who came from the stars, Volume 1 – Chapter 212-215)

Chapter 215 - Archiel speaks about the Lord’s incarnation

215,1. Philopold again asks the angel: ‘But who will show us this most mysterious order?’

215,2. Says the angel: ‘The same who referred you to me. Go to Him, He will tell you what He has already told you. Because to live as He teaches already is that divine life-style, through which alone one can attain to the childhood of God.

215,3. And He also is the same One on whose account you and many others have spiritually left Akka, and for the Lord’s sake were incarnated on this Earth, into the flesh of this Earth.

215,4. But throughout all of Creation, and that upon all celestial spheres inhabited by intelligent beings in human form, the incarnation of the Lord has been proclaimed by us, but only a few spirits from a small number of worlds were allowed to enter the flesh of this world. For the Lord is familiar with the nature of all the worlds in endless space, together with the nature and capacity of their inhabitants and spirits occupying one or the other such world. And He therefore knows best as to what spirit is capable of entering upon the flesh of this Earth.

215,5. Whoever was fit was also transferred here, and the number transferred here is not much over 10,000.

215,6. But among these you are one of the most fortunate, because if you so desire, then you can be accepted by the Lord as a disciple, like those who arrived with Him here.’

215,7. Says Philopold: ‘My Archiel, since you have already done me such great favors, please do me also the favor of taking me over to the Lord, for now that I have recognized Him, I lack the courage to go over to Him again. If it were left to me alone, I would rather run away as fast as possible and hide so that no man would find me. But since I am here now, and everybody knows me only too well, I can’t do so, for the entire valley would be filled with laughter. Therefore be so good and take me to the Lord, as my advocate.’

215,8. Says the angel: ‘It is not necessary to do so, as the Lord knows what we have need of. Therefore go to Him yourself, and He shall not pull your head off your trunk.’

215,9. Upon these words of the angel, Philopold plucks up courage and comes to Me cautiously, saying from some 30 paces away: ‘Lord, will You let me approach You? If not, then I shall make my retreat.’

215,10. But I say: ‘He who wants to come, let him come, for no man has advanced while hesitating.’

215,11. Hearing this, Philopold hastened his steps and is therefore quickly by My side, achieving what many hesitate doing and therefore frequently don’t achieve, as they are not to be moved from the spot they occupy, in spite of being called.

215,12. For as long as someone, no matter what he does, will not direct his steps to Me in a straight line, all his doing, going and standing will be futile for his life. And were he to win the whole world but not Me, then the whole world will be useless to him. And if, in this time of revealing the Gospel, I call to someone, saying “come”, but does not come, then he shall die the spiritual death. And for this reason, Philopold is a good example that everyone should follow. He who calls after Me, let him not hesitate once called. For from now on I shall not remain in Cana (meaning: filled with grace in this world) but shall move on, turning My eye and ear away from all who hesitate upon My “come”.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 1 GGJ01-215 Chapter