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Chapter 231 - Kisjonah’s people capture a band of Temple robbers and smugglers

231,1. Only Kisjonah, Baram, Jonael and Jairuth, together with the servant Archiel, go outdoors, and Kisjonah checks out his big household. All is in the best of order, and the barrier-keepers and guards are of good cheer, telling their lord that an important catch shall be made, as they were notified.

231,2. Kisjonah asks briskly wherein this would consist, and whether it may not consist in some poor carrying their meager stores to some market to cover their tax dues.

231,3. Here the barrier’s chief says: ‘Lord and master, You are quite aware of how we all honor and respect your most just and exceedingly fair rules regarding poor mankind, but no poverty is involved here, but rather a most shameful disgrace on the part of the Jewish Pharisees, Priests and Levites.

231,4. These have undertaken a diversity of the most shameless seizures and exactions through a wide area, and at midnight shall be taking all sorts of cattle, grains, wine and implements to Jerusalem for sale, but not along the public highway, but a surreptitious path secretly run through the mountains.

231,5. You are aware of the lack of a possible passage by land to Sibarah, where your advance toll that you always rent out is located, owing to the massive cliff jutting its high and steep face into the sea, the reason for having to bring people, cattle and other effects to a certain landing place for marine travel, unless one travels by calm sea, a rarity in a straight line to Pirah, where also the toll is located that is leased out for ten years.

231,6. In order to bypass all your tolls however, the wealthy Pharisees have, with hired slave labor built a secret road through the mountains, and that through what are already Samaritan regions, and this passage they are trying out for the first time today.

231,7. They shall break forth some 2,000 paces into the valley, at the spot where we built the bridge over the brook – the road which runs through your ground still for a long stretch, over the brook, winding along the left side of the valley towards Cana, but we had some 200 well-armed guards positioned quite early along strategic points. I tell you, father and lord, a mouse would not get through. We want to teach Jehovah to these evil scoundrels in a way that will them think of Him for the rest of their lives.’

231,8. Says Kisjonah: ‘You have set it up well and truly and you shall not go unrewarded. The money the merchants have on them shall be taken as spoils, while all cattle, grain, flour and implements shall remain here until the culprits have named all those from whom they have extorted them, so we can restore same to them in good conscience.

231,9. But for running a road through my mountains and woods without my permission, they shall be fined 1,000 pounds of silver as penalty by the Roman judge, who has set up office in my dwellings. Two thirds of it by law falls due to the emperor and a third goes into my till.’

231,10. At this point however the Roman judge comes over to inquire what is going on at the barrier and whether suspects are being anticipated, and whether military assistance is needed. The barriers’ chief however briefs him on what had already been reported to him during the day.

231,11. Says the judge: ‘So that’s it. Well, see to it that you catch the miserable scoundrels. Then we shall give them a few lessons on Rome’s customs and laws. These shall lose their bent for making beggars out of Roman subjects for good, making the latter incapable of rendering their due taxes to the emperor, while not a penny can be gotten out of the dark scoundrels themselves. These fellows pretend to perpetual poverty, while burying gold, silver, pearls and precious stones in massive quantities. And those of Capernaum are the same to boot as those of Chorazim. Well, well, have a good time, you villains, your game is up in a way that will make you think about it for the rest of your lives.’

231,12. The judge had hardly announced these words when much yelling could be heard from the distant valley, while the barrier keeper was rubbing his hands with glee, saying: ‘Ah, they have hooked up. They shall be here in a quarter hour. Quick, let us light the flares and turn the valley into day, so that not one of these scallywags may get through.’

231,13. 40 flares are lit, and the entire location turned into light. And the lighters were hardly done when the first bunch consisting of 12 Pharisees arrives, who as agents were to move the loot for sale in Jerusalem.

231,14. The strong escorts line up the 12 bound Pharisees at the barrier, saying to Kisjonah: ‘Lord, here are the main culprits. 5 of Capernaum, 3 of Nazareth and 4 of Chorazim, all assassins worth their weight in gold. At the rear follows all sorts: masses of oxen, cows calves, goats, sheep. About 400 donkeys laden with grain, together with fillies, with that many mules laden with wine casks, and another 500 donkeys and pack animals carrying superbly shaped boys and girls, between the ages of 12 and 18 who had all been destined for the Sidon market. And besides that, a great many servants to these main culprits. All this shall be here shortly. Therefore organize space: let’s make room for the lot.’

231,15. Says Kisjonah: ‘Let the big impounding stores on the shore be opened at once. There, everything can be fitted in, and for the children, the big inn here on the mountain. And see to it that they receive to eat and drink, because these brutes are sure to have given them meager rations on the way. O God, o God, why do You allow such devils to power monger upon Earth, over poor and peaceful mankind?’

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 1 GGJ01-231 Chapter