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Chapter 32 - The Lord sees only the heart. As one sown, so will one reap

32,1. It was now getting dark and all those who had come with Me from Judaea and, being very tired, had slept through the entire afternoon, were now one after the other waking up and surprised how quickly evening had come. And they asked what should be done now: should they look for lodgings or would I now during the cooler hours of the night continue on My way?

32,2. However I said: ‘While men are asleep, the Lord is still watching. The Lord provides for everything, and those who are with Him need not care for anything, except that they stay with Him. Therefore, get ready now, so that we may go to this city of the Samaritans. There all of us will find good lodgings. This woman here, who today at noon refused to give Me a drink of water, has a spacious house and I think she will not refuse to put us up for two days.’

32,3. Thereupon the woman, sobbing with love and joy, falls at My feet and says: ‘O Lord, You my Savior, how do I poor sinner come to be granted this grace?’

32,4. I say: ‘You received Me into your heart, which is much more precious than your house, so you are not likely to refuse to receive me also into your house which Jacob, just as this well, built for his son Joseph. But there are many of us, and for two days you will be very busy caring for us. However, you will profit from this considerably.’

32,5. Says the woman: ‘Lord, even if you were ten times as many, you shall all be well provided for, as far as my means allow. My already rather dilapidated house has many clean rooms and is reasonably well furnished as far as I could afford it. And it is occupied only by me, my doctor and some of his servants. But I tell You, O Lord, the house is Yours. You alone are the legitimate owner of my house, for You have the oldest right to it. From now on it is wholly Yours and shall remain so with all it contains.’

32,6. I say: ‘O woman, your faith is great and your heart delightful. Therefore you shall be and stay My disciple. And wherever this Gospel will be preached, you shall be mentioned in eternity.’

32,7. The Samaritans were surprised and somewhat provoked at this, and several of them came to Me and said: ‘Lord, we have houses too and it would have been more proper if You had taken lodging with us. For look, this woman’s house has a bad name here and is more of a ruin than a house.’

32,8. I say: ‘You are already three hours with Me, have indeed recognized Me and it has already been getting dark, but none of you has offered Me or My disciples lodgings, although I granted your request and promised to stay in your city for two days.

32,9. But I looked at this woman’s heart, and she longed mightily for Me to be willing to take lodging with her. Thus, not I asked to be put up in her house, but her heart did. Since it dared not speak up before you, I met this heart half way and asked for that which it wished to give Me with burning love and full of eager yearning and alacrity.

32,10. This is the weighty reason why I shall now take lodging in this woman’s house for two full days. Blessed he who will not take offence over this matter.

32,11. I tell you: as a person sows, so will he reap. Who sows scantily will also reap thus, but who sows generously will also reap generously. None of you has so far offered Me or My disciples anything, but this woman gives me immediately possession of everything she owns. Which of you had done that for Me? Is it then not fair that I honor her before all of you? I tell you: whoever will argue with this woman about this matter, with him things will go badly in his temporal life.’

32,12. At this the Samaritans, visibly displeased, star at each other in surprise, but then pull themselves together and still ask My permission for them to visit Me the next day.

32,13. But I reply: ‘I do not invite you or expect anything of you. However, those of you who will come to Me voluntarily shall not find the door locked, but will have completely free access to me. Thus, whoever wants to come, let him come and who wants to stay home, let him stay home, for I compel and judge no one.’

32,14. On this, the Samaritans go to their feet and went into the city. But I still remained for a little while at the well, and the woman gave all the thirsty who were with Me to drink from her water jar.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 1 GGJ01-32 Chapter