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Chapter 33 - The doctor and the Samaritan Mosaists

33,1. Her doctor however, who earlier also had come out with her, hastened ahead to arrange the best accommodation and an abundant meal for Me through his servants. Entering the house however he was taken aback by his people being nearly finished with everything he had intended arranging. Regaining his spirit, he asked who had requested this. They said however: ‘A youth of a most glorious form came and spoke gently: ‘Do this, as the Lord who is coming to this house has need of all this’. When we heard this amazing thing we dropped everything and did and still are doing as asked by this rare youth’.

33,2. The doctor said in his astonishment: ‘And where is this rare youth?’ But the servants replied: ‘We do not know, for he left the house immediately after requesting this and we do not know what has become of him’. The doctor said however: ‘Then do your best, for a great blessing has overtaken this house, and you all shall take part of it.’

33,3. Then the doctor hastened again out of the city to tell Me that all is ready now.

33,4. He nevertheless ran into some arch-Mosaists, holding him up and saying: ‘Friend, it is not right to rush like this on a Sabbath. Don’t you know all the ways in which Jehovah's day can be defiled?’

33,5. The doctor replied: ‘You Mosaic men of letters. You count hurrying on a Sabbath a sin, although the sun has gone down already, making this post-sabbatical, but what do you call your violating of your wives and maids, fornicating and whoring and committing adultery on a Sabbath with them? Did Moses command this for Jehovah's Day?’ Say the Samaritans: ‘We would stone you for talking like that if it wasn't for Sabbath, but we let you go this time.’ Replies the doctor: ‘Well, well, your language and manner are of course highly appropriate, especially at a time when the Messiah is in fact tarrying outside the gates of Sychar, with me rushing to tell Him that everything for welcoming Him at His house is ready. Have you not heard what took place outside the gates of our city today?’

33,6. Say the Samaritans: ‘We definitely heard that a Jewish caravan camped outside by the well and that a Jew – probably their ring-leader – was making out to be the Christ. As a doctor you do not know how the Jews are bent on having us purported idiots on in this way? This should be a nice Messiah. Do you think we do not know him? Are we not also from Galilee and of your denomination, staunch in Moses' statutes? But since we are of Galilee we know this Nazarene who is a carpenter’s son. This one has lost his taste for work now, so he will let himself be used as a brazen tool of the Pharisees, making use of the magic he learnt with which to prove that He is the Messiah. And donkeys and oxen of your type are taken in by him and believe his seductive words. They should all be caught and whipped and chucked over the border like mud and excrement.’

33,7. Replies the Doctor: ‘Oh, you blind ones. Back at my house, angels wait on Him, bringing food, drinks and bedding for Him from the Heavens, and you talk in that way. May the Lord punish you for this.’

33,8. When the doctor had uttered this, ten of them instantly became mute and none could speak another word, remaining mute for the two days of My stay in Sychar. But the doctor leaves them and hastens over to Me.

33,9. Having come over, he says: ‘Lord, your house is ready. There are miracles goings on there, but on the way out to you, oh Lord, I came across some villains who tried to give me a nasty witness of You. But their shrieking did not last long. Your angel smacked them over the mouth and all but two were made dumb. These took terrible fright and took off. All this, oh Lord, occurred in just half an hour.’ I said: ‘Be of good cheer. This had to come, so that those already believing on My name should not be turned away from us. Let us go now however, and you My dear Samaritan woman do not forget your pitcher.’ The woman immediately draws fresh water to take home with her. A half day had thus been taken up at Jacob's well outside Sychar, reaping quite a rich harvest in this city.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 1 GGJ01-33 Chapter