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Chapter 64 - The will of the Lord is the power of the angels

64,1. Says Jairuth: ‘Lord, if so, as I had previously convinced myself on several occasions actually, then I shall give up all vineyard-keeping, and all wine-consumption in my house. Because according to Your assertion, the right degree of love can also be kindled, and that lastingly, through the Word, something I find very true and good, and evil must thereby stay behind as far as possible. If this is so, then I immediately leave all vineyard-keeping alone, and commit myself to after this heavenly wine never drink an earthly one again. What do You say to this my resolution?’

64,2. I said: ‘I can neither commend nor reproach you for it. Do what seems best to you. Do what best serves your soul in accordance with an informed view. You can in any case obtain everything good from Me if that is your wish, because you are strict and upright in all goodness and because I have promised it to you.’

64,3. Says Jairuth: ‘Lord, in that case stay with me together with your following, or at least leave me two of these youths behind, who could instruct me in all love and wisdom.’

64,4. I said: ‘For the present I and My retinue cannot accommodate your good wish, as I have much to do yet in this world, but two of these youths, whom you can select, I want to leave you. But guard against yourself or your family falling into some sin, because then they would become your disciplinarians and leave your house in a hurry. Because, keep in mind that these youths are angels of God and can perpetually see His countenance.’

64,5. Says Jairuth: ‘Oh Lord, this is again something bitter, because who can vouch for not sinning either through thoughts, words or deeds at least once a year? On top of that a couple of taskmasters before whom nothing can remain hidden, which would hardly be a very nice surprise. That's why I want to refrain also from this request and leave it as is and was.’

64,6. I said: ‘Very well, let it be as you wish. You are free and shall not be placed under any compulsion, be assured.’

64,7. Says Jairuth: ‘No, these youths, and actually real angels of God simply look too fair and sweet. It seems an impossibility to commit a sin in their presence. Therefore, come what may, I shall in any case keep two.’

64,8. I said: ‘All right then, two shall be left you, and visibly dwell in your house, for as long as they are feeling right. My friend Jonael shall faithfully acquaint you with My Ways later. For as long as you and your house shall walk these Ways they shall remain and serve you and protect your house against all adversities, but if you depart from My ways then they also shall depart from your house.’

64,9. Says Jairuth: ‘Very well, leave it at that. No more wine shall be consumed in my house, and with its stock I shall pay the Romans the 10 years taxation of the poor in this area, as stated; the grapes growing in my vineyard however I shall dry and eat as a pleasant, sweet fruit, selling the surplus. Is it right thus?’

64,10. I said: ‘Perfectly. Whatever you do out of love for Me and your fellow men, who are your brethren, shall be truly and rightly done.’

64,11. After this I call two of the youths, introduce them to Jairuth and say: ‘Will these two do?’ Jairuth, delighted celestially by their looks, says: ‘Lord, if You consider me worthy, then I am satisfied to all the depths of my heart, but I feel only too unworthy of possessing such grace from the Heavens. But I shall from now on strive assiduously to make myself worthy by stages. And as for myself, Your will, getting constantly holier to me, be done.’

64,12. But the two youths said: ‘The Lord's will is our being and life. Wherever this is being implemented actively, there we are the most active co-workers, having power and strength for this to excess, because our might extends past all visible creation, the Earth being like a grain of sand to us, and the sun like a pea in a giant's hand, whereas all the waters of the Earth would not suffice to wet one hair of our head, and the host of the stars trembles before the breath of our mouth. But we don't possess this power for boasting before men’s great feebleness but for serving them in accordance with the Lord’s will. Therefore we can and wish to also serve you in accordance with the Lord’s will, for as long as you acknowledge and accept same in deed. When however you leave such then you also have left us, since we are nothing but the personalized will of God the Lord. Whoever will leave, him we will leave also. This we tell you in the full presence of the Lord, whose countenance we see at all times and whose gentlest hint we hear calling us and powerfully drawing us to fresh deeds.’

64,13. Says Jairuth on this: ‘Fairest youths, that you possess a great power, incalculable to us mortals, this I understand and grasp quite clearly, but I also am capable of much, some of which perhaps you may not be capable of yourselves, in that I am proud in my weakness, wherein resides neither power nor strength. But there nevertheless lies a strength in this weakness due to which I can recognize, accept and carry out the Lord’s will.

64,14. Of course not to the same measure as you, yet the Lord is certain not to encumber me with more than I am capable of bearing up to. And in this sense my weakness seems quite honorable to me, since it is of great import that in the end man's weakness still can carry out the same will of God as your immeasurable strength and might.

64,15. And if I have understood the Lord correctly so far then it may yet be that the Lord prefers the action of weak children, and that ultimately the power and deeds of the great and mighty spirits of Heaven may yet have to let itself be led by the weak little children of the Earth, for coming to sit at the little ones' table, because if the Lord Himself comes to the weak then it seems to me at least that He shall make strong the weak.’

64,16. Say the youths: ‘Yes, so it certainly is and rightly. Recognize God's will therefore and act accordingly and then you already have our power in you, which is nothing other than purely God the Lord’s will. We ourselves have neither strength nor power, and all our strength and power is nothing but God’s will fulfilled in and through us.’

64,17. I said: ‘Right now, from every side. We have now fortified ourselves, and thus, all you beloved, we shall get up from the table and re-commence our journey.’ All get up, give thanks and follow Me into the open.’

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 1 GGJ01-64 Chapter