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Chapter 72 - The end of the world and the judgment

72,1. A start is made, with the commander-in-chief, together with his healed wife and two of his senior deputies escorting Me. The chief and his wife take Jonael in their midst, discussing and asking him diversely about the Jewish religion and where it refers to Myself, with the one healed from gout in the first village taking part most keenly. I Myself walk among Jonael’s seven daughters and his wife. These too are questioning Me much, about what shall soon come over the world, Jerusalem and Rome. And I give them proper answers, showing them how shortly the secret prince of this world shall be judged and soon thereafter all his adherents. At the same time I also show them the end of the world and a universal judgment like that of Noah's time, and they question Me with much astonishment about when and how this will take place.

72,2. But I say to them: ‘My beloved daughters. It shall be as in the days of Noah. Love shall diminish and go completely cold, faith in a pure life and God recognizing teaching revealed to men from the Heavens shall be converted into darkest, dead superstition full of lies and deception, and rulers once again shall use men like animals and slaughter them cold-bloodedly and most callously if not submitting to the dazzling powers without protest. The mighty shall be tormenting the poor with all kinds of repression, and persecute and suppress any freer spirit by any means, and so a tribulation will come over mankind such as never was. But then the days shall be shortened on account of the elect, otherwise even the elect, who will be found among the poor, could perish.

72,3. But until then another thousand and not quite a second thousand years will elapse. Then I will send the same angels which you see here now unto mankind with rallying trumpets. These shall so to speak awaken the spiritually slain mankind of the Earth from the graves of their night, and like a pillar of fire rolling over the world, these many awoken millions will fall upon the world powers, and none shall be able to resist them.

72,4. From then on the Earth shall become a paradise again, and I shall lead My children along the right path for evermore.

72,5. But during the course of a thousand years following that, the prince of darkness shall be freed for a very short period of seven years and a few months and days for his own sake, either for his total fall, or possible return.

72,6. In the first instance, the Earth in its innermost part shall be converted to an eternal prison, but the outer Earth shall remain a paradise. In the second instance however the Earth would be converted into Heaven, with the death of body and soul disappearing forever. Whether so, and how? That, for the present, not even the foremost angel of the Heavens must know. This only the Father knows. But tell no man at this stage what I have revealed to you, until you will – after a couple of Earth years – hear that I have been raised.’

72,7. But the daughters ask wherein such raising shall consist in.

72,8. And I say to them: ‘When you shall have heard, then your hearts will be sad. But be comforted, for then I shall 3 days thereafter be in your midst, to bring you testimony Myself of the New Testament and the keys to My eternal kingdom. But see to it that I then find you pure as you are now, or you shall not be able to become My brides forever.’ They and their mother promise to most diligently keep what I commanded and advised them.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 1 GGJ01-72 Chapter