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Chapter 105 - The Lord and the Roman Centurion.

105,1. The two were happy with this advice, and Ebahl came and invited Me and My disciples to lunch which he had organised in an abundant manner; no strange guest was allowed to partake of same other than his family. This galled the several Pharisees of course, for they were bent upon being the first everywhere and receive accolade from all sides. They were indeed hosted superbly in another dining room but were not happy on perceiving that Ebahl was paying Me far more attention than them. They actually asked an attendant after the meal whether the host had not considered them worthy of dining at his table.

105,2. But the attendant cleverly replied: 'Due to the many sick the Lord had a few things to discuss with the miracle physician and hence sought him out in private.'

105,3. Say the Pharisees and Scribes: 'Are you unaware of the fact that in any house where we have stopped off, all secrets must be disclosed to us for it is us who purify you when you have polluted yourselves and also heal you when plagued by grave illness!'

105,4. Says the attendant: 'If you are such harbingers of blessings, why are you not able to help yourselves? Had not the Nazarene miracle healer been as it were blown here by the wind then your intense rheumatic pains would in no way left you; you have only His miraculous power to thank for now sitting in this dining room completely healed. He Who is capable of such really is owed distinction over you!'

105,5. To this convincing retort by the attendant, the Pharisees and Scribes say not another word and purport contentment, not heart-felt but by sheer necessity.

105,6. Towards evening some one hundred people plagued by all kinds of sicknesses arrive from the city‘s dwelling places and its surrounds asking Me to make them well; and I go out among them, making them all well by the mere word.

105,7. The healed however, all praise God for giving man such power, going home cheerfully and of sound health.

105,8. In the evening a Centurion arrives who was in command of the soldiers for this area, asking Me whether I may not also want to help the many sick soldiers.

105,9. And I said to him: 'Go, and it shall be in accordance with your faith!'

105,10. And the said Centurion went to the camp and found that no soldier was still sick in any way. He returned to me with cheer, wanting to reward Me with gold and silver.

105,11. But I rejected such, saying to the Chief: 'Friend, I don‘t heal anyone for treasures of this world, but only for the treasures from heaven; and these are firstly a living faith and secondly a true, unselfish love for God and neighbour, regardless of status!'

105,12. Love your subordinates as if they were your physical brethren, not treating them too harshly, then you shall reward Me most worthily! The gold and silver which you intended giving Me however, give to Ebahl, because his inn costs him a lot and it is good that it should be maintained.

105,13. But it would nevertheless be good if you Romans in future built inns for the poor instead of temples for idols, for your gods of wood, iron and stone are images made by human hands, and you can kneel in front of them for years, and they shall not be able to help you because they are dead. But if you look after the many poor, the sick, the festering, the cripples, lame, blind and deaf in properly equipped guest houses, attempting to find healing for the sick, then the one true, living God shall regard your good works, blessing you manifold. Your dead gods however, shall neither bless you for the good nor punish you for evil.

105,14. And when attempting to maintain justice and order in your kingdom then you must wield sword and spear. Then with the weapons in your hand you only do what God would do for you if you acknowledged God and kept His Commandments.'

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 2 GGJ02-105 Chapter