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AUDIO/VIDEO - Jesus & The roman Captain, Volume 2 – Chapter 107

Chapter 107 - The Lord gives the Chief hints about His nature and ministry.

107,1. Say I: 'You are indeed a truly dear man and friend, and what you said is unfortunately only too true; if I were a man like the people of this earth then I would follow your advice without hesitation, for there is an upright virile heart beating in your breast; but I am a completely different man and being than you take Me for! Behold, all power of the heavens and this earth must obey Me, and hence I have nothing to fear. The Scripture shall indeed be fulfilled in Me bitterly and painfully, but not according to this world‘s will but the Father in heaven, Who now is within Me nonetheless, as I am in Him from eternity. But My power shall not suffer the tiniest loss on that account. For if it was My will, then this earth would be transformed into minutest dust, together with everything in and upon it that breathes and strives; but since My motto is to maintain, this does not happen.

107,2. It is possible that I shall be accused of stirring up the people and of blaspheming against God, out of rage and the most jealous hypocrisy of the Temple, and then nailed to the cross; but none of this shall break My might nor make the least inroad upon My doctrine to the end of this world.

107,3. With time, worldly-minded men shall do with My doctrine what in the mainly the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans did with the primordial teaching which Adam and his first descendants received; but next to such idolatry there shall also be many who will maintain My doctrine and power in the same original state it went forth from My mouth and therewith possess the power that shall be given them through a living faith in My word, both temporally and in the beyond eternally. I therefore also am a Lord and hence fear no lord nor their laws.'

107,4. Says the Centurion: 'Friend, with a few words a lot is said! After what you have achieved here, I almost could believe it that something like this is possible for you, although such healings - just not in this exceeding measure - are not altogether foreign; for it is a known matter, that extraordinary appearances often have a miraculous decisive influence on the bodily as well as psychological health of a person depending the composition of his temperament. It so happened for example that a great shock gave a deaf-mute person back his hearing and voice! I could tell you many similar cases, - but the time is too short.

107,5. In short I just want to tell you by this, that your healing method, however extraordinary it is and how much thanks we owe you, cannot provide me with the full conviction, that no other power in heaven and on earth can cause you any harm! I do not want to argue the possibility of it, - with God all things should be possible; however friend, there exists a large gap between possibility and reality! If I get to know you better, I perhaps will become a more firm believer.

107,6. But now, dearest, best friend, I beg you, do not regard my perhaps somewhat presumptuous speech as negative; since I only spoke as I understand it, not from a bad heart but from a surely good heart! But now official matters are calling to which I must attend; but tomorrow I will be at service to you for the whole day!'

107,7. Says I: 'If you want to stay, you can stay; for your duties have been concluded in your name!'

107,8. Says the captain: 'It is already quite dusk; without the moon it would already be dark; I will be back soon, - I quickly must hop into the camp and see whether the guards have been properly posted.'

107,9. With these words the captain hastily leaves the room and Ebahl praises him as a commandant without equal and that Genezareth can regard it as a great fortune, to have in all matters such an experienced, righteous and in his sphere very clever military chief!

107,10. Says I: 'This he really is to the shame of many Jews who have Gods‘ words and Gods‘ commandments, but whose heart is nevertheless full of lies and full of deceptions, full of bickering, rage, adultery and all kinds of harlotry. Therefore it will come to pass, that the promised kingdom to David will according to the statement of Daniel be taken away from the Jews and given to the heathens, and the descendants of the son of Hagar will rule over the descendants of Isaac, although at this stage all salvation over the whole earth originates from the tribe Juda.'

107,11. Says Ebahl: 'Master, you are as Saviour better than a prophet! I can still not understand it why the prophets without exception always state something bad but never something good! Must it be like this or do the prophets believe to sustain their mysterious reputation by it, if they announce to the people one judgement of God after another?

107,12. Dear, marvellous Master, I have noticed from your speeches, that besides being a miracle healer you are something else, namely a prophet similar to the four great Prophets, and as such you could give me some explanation about the unusual being of the prophets! As said, the prophets have always been a riddle to me, and therefore I would like to know something more about them from you!'

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 2 GGJ02-107 Chapter