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Chapter 169 - About spiritual possession

169,1. After a while of enjoying rest, Peter said: 'Lord, I understand quite a lot already, but being possessed - especially innocent children - by the devil, and that they are tormented by such evil inhabitants of their bodies often in the most dreadful manner, I do not understand! How can Your wisdom and Your order allow such mischief! The little daughter of the woman who came after us, is hardly thirteen to fourteen years old and according to the mother she already has for full seven years been tormented daily for seven hours by a devil spirit in an unbelievable evil and painful manner. Why had something like this to be allowed?'

169,2. Say I: 'These are things which your mind is not yet able to grasp from the bottom! However, since we are here together completely undisturbed, I will give you a hints in this regard; and as such listen to Me!

169,3. The earth is the carrier of two kinds of people. The one and better kind originally comes from above, whereby should be understood the children of God. However, the other and actually worse kind originates purely from this earth; their souls are so to speak a composition of separate life particles, which have been taken from Satan and kept imprisoned in the mass of the earth body as matter, from where they through the plant world progress to the animal kingdom, and finally developing through the many levels of the animal world as a potence, consisting out of countless primordial soul particles, into a world-human-soul who, by means of especially unblessed fatherings, take on flesh in the bodies of women and further, similar like the children of light from the spiritual sphere of the heavens, are born into this world.

169,4. Now, such children, for their whole being has been taken from Satan, are always more or less exposed to the danger of being possessed by any evil spirit, this means by a black soul of a devil of a person who already lived on this earth in the flesh, which especially and quickly can happen if such a young, from the Satan part of the earth taken soul, starts to take on a good and heavenly direction. Because thereby a life portion shears loose from the sphere of Hel, and such action causes the whole of Hel an intolerable pain, why it then does everything to prevent such injury.

169,5. You ask now of course how such action can cause Hel pain; for such a soul, compared to Hel, must be indescribable smaller and less insignificant than one little hair of a whole person. And I say to you that you have judged this correctly; but take the smallest hair on your body and pluck it out and you will become aware that such hair plucking not only at the location of the hair, but that you will feel an intolerable pinching pain in the whole of your body, which would drive you to despair if it lasted for only an hour ongoing.

169,6. From this explanation given to you now, you will be able to see a little deeper, why possession occurs on this earth and will occur until the end of this earth.

169,7. To be possessed holds something definitely good for the possessed; because such a soul whose body has been possessed by a devil, is clearly being purified by the tormenting of its flesh and is prevented from the evil merge with her body. At the right time however, help arrives from above and a world soul is then completely won for heaven. - Tell Me, if you have understood this to some extend!'

169,8. Says Peter: 'Yes Lord, this is very clear to me; however, then it is nearly better not to help even the worst possessed!?

169,9. Say I: 'If someone comes and asks you for help, you should not withhold it from him; since My forethought will take care of it that any participating in this cases does not get the chance for assistance until it is the right time for the possessed to be helped. Therefore, help should not be withheld from anyone seeking assistance! - Do you also understand this equally important explanation?'

169,10. Says Peter: 'Yes Lord, to You alone all thanks, all love and all honour! And therefore nothing exists in this world where the highest love and wisdom is not fully visible for those who are familiar with divine things!'

169,11. Say I: 'Yes, it is so, therefore you should not despair even when confronted with still so disgusting events on this earth; for the Father in heaven knows about it and knows it best why such things are allowed to happen!

169,12. Therefore also most illnesses which people have to suffer from, are nothing else then preventions that the soul does not become one with the flesh which even for the children of the light have been taken from incarcerated Satan; the only difference existing with the children of the light is, that their suffering, if their souls want to become fleshy, is executed from heaven. But also the pain of the children of the world are executed and allowed by heaven, however, basically they are still pains from hell, which the body of the world-child as fully part of hell, feels likewise, if hell is given a great pinching pain, when by the immense influence of heaven a part of its whole life is torn off its foundation! - Do you also comprehend such My explanation?'

169,13. Says Peter: 'Yes Lord, also this explanation I understand; to You like always my love forever!'

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 2 GGJ02-169 Chapter