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Chapter 194 - Jarah talks wisely

194,1. Says old Marcus thereto: 'Lord and Master of all the world‘s masters! Earlier on You had said unto me that I shall still hear today, many a rare thing about man‘s destiny, and that I shall also get to know the kingdom of God. Verily, most wondrous indeed! This day I have already heard, seen and lived through more than in my entire life previously; thus Your prediction for me has now come fully true; and now I shall spare no effort seeing to it that our tired limbs shall not go to their rest understand.'

194,2. Say I: 'Indeed, go and check whether our cooks are ready with their art yet! After the meal, more happenings shall bring you still closer to the kingdom of God.'

194,3. Says Marcus: 'But Lord, what of this dear maiden still holding fast and covering Your chest with tears; shall she not seemingly let You go at all!'

194,4. Say I: 'Ask the maiden herself, and she shall supply you with an answer!'

194,5. Marcus ask the celestially languishing Jarah.

194,6. However Jarah immediately turns around and says: 'Listen, dear, old friend! Who once has seized Him, should never let Him go; for if letting Him go, he also has let go of his everlasting life and thus lost it forever. What I do physically, you all should do in the heart, as also I do it always in my heart!

194,7. Who loves his life, but often let go the Lord of life frivolously because of the world, will also loose his life because he has lost the Lord of life. However, who does not respect his life but only pays attention to the life in his heart, namely to live only the Lord, will keep his life forever, even if dying in his body a thousand times!

194,8. Behold, when the Lord came to us I first have recognized Him in My heart and only love Him above all; yes, if He now requires from me to die for Him, death would be a refreshment to me! Because I know and feel it most vividly, that the love for Him can not die forever, for it is impossible for her to commit a sin, which is the true death of the soul. If however, man‘s soul is dead, then also the whole person is dead. This remember well, old man; for I‘m from the school of heaven, which is the love and the truth and the life. What I have told you now, is a teaching from heaven and therefore you might want to pay attention to it!'

194,9. On hearing Jarah speaking like this, the old Marcus said transfused with favour: 'Oh child of the heavens, - far too good and pure for this dirty Earth! Verily, should the Lord physically leave this my home again, then I shall come to you to learn heavenly wisdom! Oh what a difference between you and my daughters. Whilst you are already a sun, my daughters are hardly an image of the great light of the sky in the smallest dew-drop! Oh Ebahl, how fortunate you are to be father of such angel!'

194,10. Here tears of bliss fall from old Marcus‘ eyes, and he hastened to the kitchen to check out on the supper, acquainting his daughters with the instructions he received from the little maiden from Genezareth; and the daughters were astounded and asked him to create an opportunity for them to talk to the heavenly child after the meal.

194,11. Marcus was elated about that and promised to arrange it, but that also they should now busy themselves to get the supper ready soon. And the daughters said: 'Father, everything shall be ready in a short quarter hour!'

194,12. With that Marcus left the kitchen and commanded the sons to quickly put wine and bread on the tables in front of the house, and also to see that there should not be a shortage of light. Several well-filled lamps were to burn upon the tables, and the rest of the courtyard was to be lit up with fishermen‘s flares throughout the night! - All was at once put in motion, and by the time it grew dark, many lamps shone brightly upon the tables, and the quite extensive court- yard was lit up by the flares. Soon after, exquisitely prepared foods were set on the tables, well-cooked fish, bread, wine and diverse fruits.

194,13. Before the meal, Jarah recited a Psalm of David, then asking Me to bless the foods and drinks; and I did so and we all sat down and consumed the dishes with joy and cheer, with wine in moderation. I was seated between Cyrenius and the delightful Jarah, with Cyrenius on the left and Jarah on the right, with her Raphael next to her and the old Marcus opposite him. - The latter noted Raphael‘s way of eating: when Raphael put fish or bread or fruit or a beaker of wine to his moth, everything just disappeared before his mouth, and Marcus saw him neither chew nor swallow any food.

194,14. Josoe, Cyrenius‘ foster-son, noticing the old Marcus‘ quiet amazement, said: 'Old soldier Marcus! Why can‘t you take your eyes off Rabbi Raphael?'

194,15. Said the old one: 'Indeed, you esteemed son of my lord and commander, this is quite a rare phenomenon! This youth puts food and drink to his mouth, never opening it, never chewing or swallowing anything; but the foods disappear before his mouth! How so? What goes on? If this is not another wonder! What am I to make of it?'

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 2 GGJ02-194 Chapter