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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 2 GGJ02-198 Chapter

Chapter 198 - What is truth

198,1. Finally I say to Josoe again: 'Hearken, My dear Josoe! You have now spoken most wisely, and there is much that is good and true in it; but I nevertheless make you aware of several things! Pay good heed therefor, for I too can engage at greater depth with some as wise as you!

198,2. You said: ‗I am all just for truth! Anything below it I despise most vehemently, whilst anything above it, such as God‘s mysteries, I worship, not demanding elucidation in what does not become the worms and dust of this Earth! In God there is the fullness of the most infinite wisdom, of which there is hardly a dust particle in us!‘

198,3. Yes, it is quite good, pure, right and reasonable, to be for the truth only; however, this principle is directly opposed by a mighty question and thereby forms with your praiseworthy principle a perfect cross! If you or anybody else can find a solution to the question I will give to you, My shoulders will be freed from the cross.

198,4. Therefore tell Me: What is the truth for which you stand for? Is it a truth as you see it? Behold, everything is smoke picture from today until tomorrow, and which might be a full truth for today, can already tomorrow not be the truth anymore! Look, there in the last light dim light of the long set sun floats a little cloud with the form of a fish! Tell Me, for how long will this little cloud‘s shape remain a fish? Behold, the following moment will already prove the present shape of the cloud to be a lie!

198,5. If I put three pears in front of you, you will say that this is a truth that there three pears in front of you; however, I tell you that each of the three pears contains several seed kernels, where out of each one can subsequently originate countless many trees, which finally can produce the same pears in countless quantities! Are these therefor really only three pears forming in themselves a completed unchangeable size, or are they only three apparent sizes, behind which still completely different sizes are hiding like a large number of warriors in the belly of the wooden Trojan Horse?

198,6. Where does the truth starts and where does it ends? Is man as he is the truth? Look at a child and finally look at an old man! Look at a city build by the hands of man! Is it a full truth? Behold, today it still stands, while tomorrow it can be already destroyed!

198,7. Behold, only for him who is in himself and through himself truth, is also completely the truth; however, for him, who is it not, everything else must necessary only this what he for the time being is himself.

198,8. A truth however, which is only a temporary truth, is already therefore not a full truth, since there is no permanence at home; the full truth must unalterable forever be to the fullest measure, what it is in every moment. - What is therefor the actual full truth?'

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 2 GGJ02-198 Chapter