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Chapter 205 - Diverse nations need different guidance

205,1. Says Jarah: 'O Yes, Lord, You are my only love, true children need a more firm up-bringing than the children of slaves; for the children of the house will be educated to, after their parents or together with them, provide for the whole house, while the children of the slaves only need to know that much as their always same and very monotonous service requires! Of course in this regard the important question arises why God the Lord allows it that on this earth one person must serve the other as a wretched slave and as the lord of the slave even has the power from the emperor, over his life and over his death.'

205,2. Say I: 'Yes My dear, to discuss this at length would lead us all too far; however, a few similes about this I will give to you and thereby also to all the others. Who will comprehend this will also understand a few other things at the same time; and therefore remember and listen good to Me:

205,3. One has different varieties of grain, like the smooth and bearded wheat, two- and four-line barley, the high grain, the oat, the big maize wheat; then you have the lentils, the vetches and different types of beans; and behold, these different types also always require a different soil, without which they could not grow. A certain variety of grain requires a firm clay ground, another also clay ground which however must always be properly fertilized otherwise the grain is not going to grow. Again another type of grain requires a loose and stony and another a sandy soil. Some types of grain require a moist and again another a dry ground. All this is taught to the people by experience.

205,4. Equally so does different kinds of people require a different upbringing, depending on the constitution of their hearts and souls. As it is the case with individual people from one and the same father, it is the same with whole communities and with large nations. There is a certain nation which requires a more gentle and loose treatment, and grows into a large blessing for other nations of the earth. Another tribe requires a hard approach, otherwise it would get out of hand and waste away as a curse for the neighbouring nations. Again another nation has the distinct inclination to tyrannise and to rule over its neighbours. For souls of such people nothing is better than to fall into slavery for many years, where they can be properly humiliated. If they have accustomed themselves in humility and finally carry their lot with all patience and without grumbling, they then will become free citizens of this earth again and will now as an ennobled fruit on the best and fattest ground prosper exceedingly well.

205,5. Behold, this is a picture which you all can comprehend very easily, since you already have understood quite a few other things!

205,6. However, to make this very important issue even more clear, I present to you the different parts fo the human body, of which each part has a different form and therefore requires a different treatment and if ill, also of course requires a different treatment, so that it recovers. If someone feels a pain in the eye, he certainly must use a completely different treatment than treating a pain in the one or other foot. Who has a suffering in the belly must treat it differently from an illness in one or other hand and as such with illnesses of the body it must be considered if these are new or old and stubborn evils. A young evil can often be removed by light means, while an old illness requires a strong medicine, nearly on life and death, to get it removed from the body. People however always correspond with their souls to the different parts of their body. Depending on any soul corresponding to a more noble or less noble part of its body, the more the soul must be treated correspondingly like that individual part with which it corresponds.

205,7. From this picture again the different relations of people to their soul-moral sphere, have also be treated differently like the individual parts, with which they correspond in their soul-moral sphere. A bad tooth in the mouth must finally be torn out and be discarded if all other treatments are not helping, so that the healthy teeth are not affected; equally so must an incorrigible person be removed from a community, so that the whole community is not spoilt. Similar, even a whole nation, although not physical, has to be, however, exterminated morally, so that in the end not all nations on earth are spoilt by it.

205,8. Look it up in the Chronicles and you will find how big a nation the Babylonians, the Ninivetians, the Meders, the Persians, the Egyptians, the old Greeks and before them the Phoenicians and Trojans were! Where are all these nations now? Where are the Gomorites and the Sodomites and where the people of the ten cities? Yes, physical they still exist in their neglected descendants, who however do not have name and never ever rise under the old name to become any nation on this earth; since there is nothing worse than an old name to which a lot of futile, inexpressiveness is stuck. Such people or nations regard themselves, because of such ancient-famous name, as much better and venerable than any young nation, which by gentleness, humility and love towards their brothers, find themselves in a state of righteousness and therefore soul healthiness before God.

205,9. If you look at this with just some attention, you will soon find how good and just the Father in heaven is! Since this earth does have the fixed destination, that on it for the whole of infinity the children of the Spirit of God are brought up, and therefore it is necessary that the earth is always more hard and meagre than kept too loose and too fat. 10] The weeds shooting up among the choice grain do not hinder the growing, ripening and blessed thriving of the choice fruit, even whilst they afterwards serve as manure for the soil, that has become hard and meagre. In short, what God allows is good, whilst to the completely pure human, everything that the Earth carries in and upon it is pure. - Say whether all of you have fully understood what I said unto you!'

205,11. Say Cyrenius:'Lord, who should not have understood You there? It all is lucent as the sun!'

205,12. Say I:'Very well, so let Josoe give us a sincere opinion about it!'

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 2 GGJ02-205 Chapter