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Chapter 234 - Marcu’s view about one’s neighbour

234,1. Says the old Marcus: 'Lord, I am so overwhelmed by what I and my house have now heard, that I should with the best of will not be able to come up with a sensible word, let alone determine who would be my most likely neighbour.

234,2. Naturally, the one that stands nearest to me physically and requiring assistance, I would have to help; if such asked me for help, I should not withhold it. My wife and children also are my neighbours, and I need to care for their physical and spiritual well being and subsistence.

234,3. When I was still a warrior, my comrades also were my neighbours, and it was my duty to stand by them when in trouble. Besides that, every person regardless of their religion, when in need is my neighbour, and I should not pass him by if he is in need of my help or asks for it.

234,4. Indeed I think that one should not withhold help even from an animal, when lacking. In short, and as perceived by my limited domestic intellect, man should emulate God‘s household, letting his sun shine over all creature, as does God over all creature.

234,5. Of course man as a limited being can emulate God his Creator only in a limited way. But since he already carries a resemblance to God within himself, and is even created n his image, he should fully develop that too, since he was given the ability. -This is my view, and You oh Lord shall give us all a correct explanation; for I prefer to hear You a thousand times more than my own speaking. Let it therefore please You to continue speaking, oh Lord, - provided it is Your intention to say more this night!'

234,6. Say I: 'I shall speak indeed, although midnight has come upon us; but now let us pause and listen whether there shall be a call for help from the Sea!'

234,7. Soon after this My remark, one could hear a noise from the Sea consisting of a lot of voices. Markus and his sons ask Me whether to rush out to help someone in trouble, who had to bear up to the midnight wind in some inferior vessel, or some whirlpool, frequently occurring in the great bay.

234,8. Say I: 'It is an inferior, rundown vessel full of young Levites and Pharisees. They come from the Capernaum and Nazareth direction and are heading for Jerusalem. They have chosen the water way over the dry one, for firstly it being the shorter and secondly the easier, but they were able to get only a leaking fishing-boat at Sibarah, and are faring badly in a strong midnight wind, - and if help is not rushed to them, they might go under indeed.'

234,9. Says Marcus: 'Verily, Lord, for these I would not be sorry if they became a meal for dear fish! Here I would even take my time in helping. But if it is Your will, I shall nevertheless bring them help.'

234,10. Say I: 'Did you not rightly say yourself that man, created in God‘s image, should try to emulate God in everything, according to the abilities he is endued with and should let his sun, which is His sun he carries in his heart, shines over all creature, and regard his neighbour - friend or foe, as worthy of his help if same finds himself in need of help?

234,11. Behold, your words are right and true, whence you should act in accord with them, otherwise the truth is not within you by a long while yet! Because pure truth is of little if any use to man for life eternal, for so long as he has not made same to live through the deed. Once he has done that however the light of eternal life shall pour out in streams, lighting up all corners of the human soul, just as the sun sends her light into all valleys and ditches at noon, warming them and hence filling them with her light. - Hence do whatever you want!'

234,12. Says Mark: 'In that case let us hasten, even should the brittle ship be carrying bears, tigers, lions and hyenas!'

234,13. Old Mark at once ran down to shore with his sons, boarding a fit and fairly large fishing-boat, rowing out to wherefrom the call for help kept getting more desperate.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 2 GGJ02-234 Chapter