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Chapter 101 - Helena's opinion about the apostles.

101,1. Helena, also still sobbing from love for Me, says, “But tell Me who then are the twelve very respectable men who say almost nothing but nonetheless are constantly around Him! They must be very wise men! One looks just like Him, another is still a disciple, but always listens to him the most enthusiastically, and writes some things down on a slate. Who are they then?”

101,2. Mathael says, “As far as I know they are His oldest disciples and are all except one very wise and powerful men over their flesh and over nature! But one seems to be to be a mischievous rogue! Truly, I would never like to count him among my friends; it seems to be an premature birth of a poor devil in human flesh! The Lord will know why He puts up with him! Devils are also creations of His power and hang on the whim of his will. Therefore we have not to ask Him why His love practises such wonders even before the eyes of a devil! But he is a strange being! I would like to sound him out, in order to see of what spirit he is! But let’s forget that! It is enough that the One knows him! But I would like to exchange some words with the others at a good opportuntiy; they must be very deeply initiated!”

101,3. Helena says, “Yes, of course, they must be very wise men and already at the beginning must have laid bare much talent for wisdom, otherwise He would not have accepted them to be His disciples! I would also not be disinclined to exchange a few words with them about certain matters; but it will not be so easy to get close to them in any good way! What do you think, dear friend Mathael?”

101,4. Mathael shrugs his shoulders and says, “God the Lord has fully awakened me, it is true, and my spirit is one with me; I know therefore myself and God in as far as I am permitted, to recognise such things from the basics of all depths of life in the human heart to read like in an open book and to recognise its innermost laws of life, that can only He alone and he to whom He will reveal it.

101,5. Ah, for a pure person of the world, whose innermost life is still completely lifeless and locked fully dead, and whose whole thinking and wanting comes from his brain and from his external senses, one can decide very exactly how and what he thinks, feels and wants. But it is not so for people who think, feel and want now from fully awakened spirit from the innermost foundation of life; for such people then carry infinite things in themseves, and that can only be recognised by God in the depth of truth.

101,6. Therefore one cannot start a conversation with such men as with a quite usual every-day person. If it was necessary for us, the Lord would certainly order it and allow it; but if it is not necessary, then we can consider it advisable to do without such a pleasure. But most blessed Helena, how do you like the stars that are now sparkling so magnificently in the firmament?”

101,7. Helena says, “The stars have always extremely interested me since my earliest childhood, and I remembered a lot of the so-called constellations. Those of the zodiac were shown to me first as the most important. I learnt to recognise them completely in the course of a year, and afterwards also the other wonderful constellations and even the individual large stars. I know all the stars by name, I know where they are and when they come up and go down in every month; but what use is all that!? The more I concentrated on these magnificent lights of the heaven, the more such hard questions there were for my mind, for which no mortal has ever found a satisfying answer. Since I could not bring anything out the dear stars, their names bothered me even more, which are naturally ages old.

101,8. Who discovered first the zodiac and gave the twelve pictures their names? Why did they receive exactly these names that we know, and why no others of a particular type and sort? What has a lion to do with a virgin, a crab with the twins, a scorpion with a balance scales, an ibex with an archer? How do a bull and a ram get into the firmament, how a fisherman with the fish?

101,9. It is very strange that in the animal world there are also four human images and the image of an object. If you can give me some reason for this you will make me very connected to you!”

101,10. Mathael says, “Oh, most blessed Helena, nothing easier than this! Just have a little patience during my explanation and the issue will become quite clear to you!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 3 GGJ03-101 Chapter