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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 3 GGJ03-32 Chapter

Chapter 32 - About the unity of eternal life.

32,1. Mathael says, “These conditions for life are certainly not as pleasant to listen to as the fables of a spring fantasy, in which life flutters around like the birds of the air or the butterflies and golden mayflies which dart from flower to flower and savor the sweet dew from the blooming cups; but such a lustful life can only be called a temporal day to day life which firstly is hardly aware of itself and secondly is actually no life at all. What use is such a temporal butterfly life to man? Think about the length of this life! Seventy, eighty or ninety years are a good age, the body becomes very weak and helpless; it is only a somewhat evil breath of wind and that’s it!

32,2. But I ask: What will follow? Who can give you a certain answer, if you have not mobilized everything during your whole earthly life so that your whole being becomes a living answer within you before this evil breath of air?! If you have found this holy answer inside yourself, you will certainly no longer ask anyone with fear: What will follow, once this short life has come to an end?

32,3. That’s why they say that you should not leave your water of life to stand in the comfortable coolness for the body, but instead go to the fire to make it boil and rise in mighty steam and create a new life, otherwise everything else is in vain; and my words may seem to you very unpleasant, but the truth remains eternally the truth – and only through the truth can one achieve true and full freedom of life, without which no true eternal life is possible!”

32,4. Cyrenius now says in a much softer voice, “Yes, yes, my dear friend Mathael, I now see well that you are in possession of the fullest truth in all relationships of life, and basically nothing can be objected to! You are fully on the home ground of life, but people like us are still far from it!

32,5. One only can long for you to package you life doctrine into a certain system with which one could teach the children, so that they could achieve in this way more easily what must be very difficult to achieve for an adult man!”

32,6. Mathael says, “What you desire has already happened in part, and more will still happen! Look, the great and mighty savior who healed us has already taken every precaution in this respect. We five now know the way too, but it would still be a difficult task to bring everything together as general education in some sort of ordered system; but for people like you we could even do this if required! For it is not completely impossible for a person who is on the way to the truth in all things; for the actual free life is the same, whether it is in God, in an angel or in a person.

32,7. But naturally even in a perfect free life there are still powerful differences; for a life which has only recently begun to recognize itself can obviously not be as powerful as a life which recognized the fullness and depth of clear truth eternities ago. Such a life is now a lord of infinity and all heavenly bodies are subject to the power of this life along with everything that they carry.

32,8. Friend, we will probably never reach that ourselves; but in union with this life we will in the end be able to do like from ourselves what the great eternal life of God is capable of for itself. There are also certain perfected life forces which obviously are the first after the eternal power of God.

32,9. These powers are much higher than our still so free and independent life forces; we call them “angels” (messengers). They are special representatives of the general godly life force; but we can resemble them if we become one with the general life force of God.

32,10. Yet you will not endure as much as we have endured to possess what we possess now, and you will also possess what we possess; for the souls from this Earth, being on home ground, have it so much easier than those who were placed here from a more perfect world.

32,11. But as it has been decided in the basic life of God for all eternities that this little Earth should be the place of His mercies and that in a certain way like the whole infinity will have to join this new order, if it will want to have common part in the endless bliss of the unified life of God; so one must give in, whatever the cost!

32,12. Truly, if we hadn’t found an end to our suffering, which we began gradually to fear, a perfect death would be endlessly more desirable than a few more days of a life, tormented above all description and we would have been able to immediately go to all God’s blessing!

32,13. But, as we are seeing it more and more clear, the great savior has put an end to our suffering before the said time and we are beginning to be happier and happier and now see that the great spirit of God in all seriousness wants to make this Earth into a place for his mercy and He will do this – but unfortunately also into a stage of great persecution, arrogance, pomp and the greatest possible enmity of everything which is spiritually pure, good and true!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 3 GGJ03-32 Chapter