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Chapter 33 - A prophecy of Mathael.

33,1. (Mathael) “Oh, friend, it will yet become so terrible on this Earth that even Satan will not dare to visit communities of men in whatever form; but there will be other people among them who see more being blind and hear more being deaf than we with the most open eyes and ears.

33,2. here will come a time when men will measure the live power of steam in water in degrees and will harness it like the Arabians do their steeds and will use it for all kinds of incredibly difficult work; also the heaviest wagons will be driven by the hidden forces in water and will move as fast as a flying arrow.

33,3. They will also use the force of water before great ships and they will drive the ships faster than a storm wind over the water’s waves, yes in the end they will even defy the storms and drive through it without suffering any injury of significance; only cliffs and sandbanks will bring danger and harm.

33,4. But soon after this time life for man will be very bad on the Earth; for the earth will become infertile, heavy price increases, wars and famines will appear, and the light of faith in the eternal truth will disappear in many places, and the fire of love will dim and cool, and the last fiery judgment will come over the earth!

33,5. Good for those who have then not erased the water of life in themselves for earthly gain; for when such a great fire of judgment comes from the heavens, they will not be touched, for their own water of life will protect them.

33,6. Only after that the true peace of life and its order of God will reach their hands for ever, and discord and discontentment will no longer be among those who live on the purified earth in the company of the angel of God. If our brittle and fragile bodies do not, then our seeing and understanding souls will bear witness all the more of everything that I have revealed you now.

33,7. You see, I would not have told you; but I felt a pull in the heart of my soul, or better of my being. And this pull comes from where our healing has come! Do you now understand me better?”

33,8. Cyrenius says, “Oh, now we are in the best order with and among one another; now I hope to learn much from you and I have made a positive find in you! My opinion is the same; for your earthly need should be looked after by me, but you will bear the worry for the needs of my soul and of my large house.

33,9. Certainly this is a poor reward for the great thing that you will do for me and my house; but who can help it if one meets the giver of a high and eternally lasting gift on this earth with nothing better to give in return?! Are you satisfied with this?”

33,10. Mathael says, “Oh, how can you ask? Where we can serve someone and be useful, we are more than fully satisfied! For one may never underestimate an Earthly gift if it comes with a truly good heart for the sake of good and true; for through the giver and the reason for the gift it gains a fully spiritual value and so equals a spiritual gift.

33,11. For where the material supports the spiritual as the spiritual supports the material, in the end everything becomes spiritual and receives the richest blessing from God in full.

33,12. But wherever the supposed to be spiritual is only given for the sake of the material, as in the temple in Jerusalem and the material only for the spiritual and also the hoped-for material, then everything in the end is material and has not even a low spiritual value and can never have blessed consequences from God!

33,13. o be quite unconcerned about whether your material gift is too low for our spiritual gift brought to you; for it will become spiritual through the giver and through the true reason for giving, and the blessing from above will be richly spiritual and also material; for the spirit is also a lord over all material which is basically nothing other than a judged, highly captive spirit, and must always blindly obey the freest life spirit of God, from whose endless power comes the judgment of all material and he alone can reanimate them however and whenever He wants!”

33,14. Cyrenius says, “Oh, exquisite and superb! Now I do not want you to leave my house for any kingdom on Earth! We will hopefully get on better and be indispensable for each other! But now all praise and all our love to the one Lord that He had mercy on you and led you to me; for without Him we would all be as good as lost forever!”

33,15. At this the five say, “Amen, He alone is worth all honor, all praise and all love not only of this Earth, but also from all infinity! For He alone is the one who creates infinity anew! Endlessly holy is His name!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 3 GGJ03-33 Chapter