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Chapter 89 - Mathael's participation and enlightenment.

Both notice the magnificence of the evening, it is true, but constantly with some fear; for the fabulous light of the false sun, the foreign little-cultivated place, the extraordinary deeds and My presence give both their minds no peace in which they can enjoy the rest of the evening.[089,01] After this clever heathen conversation both are silent, Ouran and Helena, and wait for courage that at least Helena should possess for the intended speech with Mathael about speaking to Me on their behalf; but the longer both wait, the more concerns enter their minds, and these hinder the courage that should come, instead of enlivening it and strengthening it.

89,2. When Mathael notices such things, he goes up to Ouran and says, “Friend, you are not cheerful and your most beautiful daughter looks somewhat ill! Tell me whether something is wrong!”

89,3. Ouran says quite secretly to Helena, “He’s got us! Only be clever now, right, true and just, otherwise we are making a very easy step towards the place where Cerberus guards and the merciless Pluto reigns! Speak little and slowly, consider every word, otherwise we are lost!”

89,4. Here Mathael claps Ouran, who has become very afraid, on the shoulder and says, “But friend, why are you silent then? Before you were able to speak quite courageously to me!? What has gone through your mind then all at once?”

89,5. After a while of trembling Ouran says, “Ah, ah, ahahah – that was a murderous blow! There – is – nothing –wrong with me, to be honest, but I and this, my daughter, as it has suddenly become clear to us, as mortal wretches have reached you immortal gods and, as it seems, to the veritable Olympus, as a main residence of the eternal immortal gods!

89,6. Things are happening too inhumanly wonderfully! The too great holiness of this place fills us with fear and terror, and all the more so since my daughter is beginning to fill her heart with love for the great God of gods, as she says and complains.

89,7. According to our Greek laws of the gods, such a love is one of the worst crimes against the unlimited holiness of the gods, particularly against the unknown very highest god of all gods! My poor daughter, however, cannot defend herself any longer against such a love! She doesn’t want to, and her heart says a relentless: you must!

89,8. The poor, honest girl entrusted me with such things and I have therefore made the decision to ask the great god through you in all his mercy to free the heart of my poor daughter from such a love; for such a love does not come from her will, but certainly only from a foreign circumstance totally unknown to us! Would you, as certainly a supreme half-god, like to show us such mercy? Would you like to ask the great god for the healing of my daughter’s heart which has become sick and to offer me at the same time as a sacrifice for such mercy?”

89,9. That brings our Mathael to a benevolent sympathetic smile for the first time since his recovery, and he says then to Ouran, “You are a genuine pagan and as pure as possible! You seek truth and a correct light across half the world; and when you find it, you can’t recognize it out of sheer pagan foolishness!

89,10. I tell you that I pity you very much and regret your short-sightedness right from the heart; but I hope that there will soon be an end to your old stupidity!

89,11. Look, what your daughter feels in her heart as love for our great, most holy Master is the only and true sign of life of the own divine spark of spirit in her soul! If this spark becomes a flame in her breast, only then will she fully recognize the single, true, eternal divinity of Him who now has created and animated this spark in her otherwise purest heart.

89,12. I tell you, love is the only union through which God pulls His creations to be children to His all-powerful fatherly heart and then in the end makes them equal – and you, most blind heathen, now ask to be freed from this highest divine mercy which God Himself pours into your hearts in His great mercy for the development of your inner life!?

89,13. Leave your old foolishness and become a person for whom it is possible to receive life in one’s self and from the strength given to him by God, to truly recognize oneself and God, and thereby enter true, eternal happiness!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 3 GGJ03-89 Chapter