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Chapter 97 - On the right time for and effect of instructing the people.

97,1. Mathael says, “Oh dearest! That would be now very inappropriate; later yes, but now in the moment of highest excitement such an action would be exactly what in the spiritual sphere of life as if one poured boiling hot oil on cold water. Everything would go up in bright flames!

97,2. But in many days after this appearance the people can be used quite positively for something higher in this wide area; naturally not everyone, but the greater part certainly.

97,3. The appearance will hit the Jewish priests hard. Firstly the total natural eclipse of the sun will have affected them a lot; for these people take everything that is material and have even less of an idea about an inner spiritual sense since they do not even understand the corresponding imagery in which Moses and a lot other seers and wise men have written in their days.

97,4. It was written namely by a prophet who was called Daniel, a speech about a certain abomination of destruction, and they speak about the eclipse of the sun and about many other terrible things which all have just a profound spiritual meaning.

97,5. But since, as remarked earlier, the Jewish priests have become quite material in this time and therefore they understand the Scriptures only quite materially, every eclipse of the sun puts them in a more than panicked shock because of the supposed downfall of the material world. While the old wise man only understands the much desired downfall of the traditional material world in the hearts of people, they mean the downfall of the physical material world and therefore always have a quite terrible fear whenever a solar eclipse occurs!

97,6. If then after a short hour this sun is extinguished very suddenly, a great fear will befall them; for they will not get to see the moon today, since it has already gone down. But the great fear will cause in their eyes an event of the type which happens to drunkards, since they see the stars swirling around their heads as a result of their confusion. This occurrence will bring them to the thought that the stars are falling from the sky, according to the prophecy, and the day of fear will have arrived for many blind fools. You will hear afterwards how at the sudden extinguishing of this false sun of ours the masses will begin to howl terribly before the city, but it does not harm them in the slightest, for they will become softer and gentler and thereby more receptive to the pure truth.

97,7. The pure day of tomorrow will bring them to a more restful sense again, and much can be done with them! For tomorrow they will come to the sea in hordes and see whether the sea water has not become blood and at this opportunity many a sane word can be spoken to many.

97,8. And our holy Lord and Master has allowed this occurrence because of this city which is not in the best light! Whatever He does, has all the time an endless many-sided good purpose, only whatever people do without him counts for nothing and is useful for nothing.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 3 GGJ03-97 Chapter