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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-1 Chapter

Chapter 1 - The true wisdom and the lively worship of God

1,1. When I get up with everyone else who had rested with Me rather sweetly for more than three hours, I immediately call the three to Me and ask them, why they did not consent to the invigorating three hour sleep.

1,2. Says Mathael: “Lord! You are wonderful. You are most wise! Who can sleep, if he will in any case receive the greatest strength through Your word! All three of us are clearly invigorated as if we had slept extremely well for the whole night! But we have used the three hours in Your name - to our maximum capability - and we have, with Your most gracious permission, gained knowledge, which in all probability no mortal has ever even dreamed about. For that we would like to offer You our most heart-felt and sincere thanks; You are the Lord, and everywhere You alone are all things that are meaningful. Therefore to You alone we offer all our love and our highest respect!”

1,3. I reply: “Very well. I know what you have discussed and learned during the time granted to you! But since you have learned it, keep it to yourselves for the time being and even afterwards do not misuse it; since the children of this earth cannot understand such things because they are not from the place from which you came. But you will experience much greater things after you have received the Holy Spirit, with which I will one day anoint you and which will lead you to universal truth! This will be the spirit of love, the Father Himself, who will encourage and teach you, so that you can all come to the place where I will be.

1,4. For I am in truth saying to you: Nobody will come to Me, if he is not being drawn towards Me by the Father! You must all be taught by the Father, therefore by the everlasting love in God, if you wish to come to Me! Therefore you must all be perfect, as the Father in heaven is perfect! Profound knowledge, even the widest range of experience, will not however bring you there, only the living love of God and of your neighbour to the same degree: therein lies the great secret of the rebirth of your spirit out of God and in God.

1,5. However, everybody must previously walk with Me through the narrow gateway of complete self-denial, until he becomes what I am. Each individual must cease to be something for himself, so that he can become all things in Me.

1,6. To love God means above all to be totally absorbed in and united with God, - and to love your neighbour also means: to know and understand your neighbour perfectly, otherwise you will not be able to love him completely; because partial love is of no value to one who loves, nor to one who is loved.

1,7. If you wish to have a full view in all directions from a high mountain, you must necessarily climb to the highest peak; because from any lower vantage point, a significant part will always remain concealed. In love therefore, everything must originate from within – the external image must grow from the inner being - so that its fruit will be revealed.

1,8. Your heart is like a cultivated plot of land, and the active love inside it is the living seed kernel; the poor brothers are however the fertilizer for that field. Those of you, who plant a good quantity of seed in the well fertilized ground, will also reap a full harvest. The more you fertilize the ground with the poor, the more productive it will become; and the more you plant good seed in it, the richer the harvest. He who sows bountifully, will receive a rich harvest; he who sows sparingly, will reap a meagre reward.

1,9. But therein lies the greatest wisdom, that you will become wise through the most active expression of love. All knowledge is however valueless without love! Do not therefore strive to acquire great knowledge, prefer rather to love deeply; then love will give you what no knowledge ever can give! It is quite good that the three of you have very industriously utilised these three hours for the wide-ranging enrichment of your knowledge and of your experience; but all this would be of little value to your souls. If however in future you were to sacrifice your time with the same eagerness in loving your neighbour, then even one such day will be more positive for your souls!

1,10. What use is it to you in My presence, if you nearly drown yourselves in a sea of wonderment as you consider My power, My greatness and My unfathomable splendour, while outside your houses your poor brothers and sisters are weeping because of hunger, thirst and cold? How wretched and pointless would sound and would in fact be, the sound of loud jubilation and hymns of praise to the honour and glory of God, if the suffering of a poor brother were to remain unheard! Of what value are all the rich resplendent offerings in the temple, if a poor brother is dying of hunger at its door?

1,11. Therefore your aim should especially be directed towards your poor brothers and sisters bringing help and consolation to them! And you will find it more rewarding to help a brother, than if you were to travel to all the stars or to praise Me with seraphic voices!

1,12. I say to you with sincerity that all the angels, all the heavens and all the worlds with all their wisdom, are eternally unable to grant you the same result you will achieve if you have truly helped a poor suffering brother with all your strength and all your means! Nothing counts more with Me or touches Me more than the active expression of true love!

1,13. If you pray to God, but do not, while you are praying, hear the wretched voice of your poor brother who has come to you for help during your hour of prayer, then may your empty chatter be damned! For My honour exists in love - and not in conceited absurdities spoken by your mouth!

1,14. You should not be judged, as Isaiah called out: ‘See, those people honour Me with their lips; but their hearts are distant from Me!’, but if you pray to Me, do this in the spirit and in all truth! For God is a spirit and can only be worshipped in the spirit and in the truth.

1,15. The only prayer from the spirit which appeals to Me, does not consist in the movement of the tongue, the mouth and the lips, but only in the active practice of love. Of what value is it to you if you have decorated the grave of a prophet with a considerable weight of gold, but have failed to hear the voice of a suffering brother?! Do you think that pleases Me? How foolish! I will look upon you with angry eyes, because you have preferred to listen to a corpse and failed to hear the voice of a living person!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-1 Chapter