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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-100 Chapter

Chapter 100 - The teaching of Moses and the teaching of the Lord.

100,1. (The Lord:) “Surely it is not enough only to know and believe what is good, right and true according to the ordinances of God and all the Heavens, but one must also behave accordingly with all the love and joy in one’s heart. Only then will the kingdom of God and His justice truly come among men and make you the true children of God!

100,2. Of what value would all intuition and knowledge be to someone, if he would not act accordingly, but continued in his allegiance to long-established worldly customs?! Would he not resemble a foolish man receiving a palace purely as a present to allow him to live there with his family in peace and complete comfort?! This person might however derive great pleasure from seeing the very splendid comfortable facilities, but he has since childhood been accustomed to an uncomfortable life in his old, small, dirty hut. Despite his appreciation that the marvellous, extremely roomy palace is good and well designed for its purpose, he nevertheless elects to stay in the unhealthy, damp, very basic hut with his family and constantly complains about the major shortcomings of his small home!

100,3. Yes, if that person is not a fool, then there are no fools in this world! However, a much greater fool by far is the man who received My teaching and has recognised it as the everlasting truth, but nevertheless remains in his activities an old ox burdened by a yoke!

100,4. This I say to you all: The yoke I place on the nape of your neck is quite soft and the burden for you to carry is exceedingly light. Anyone who may carry it, will have little trouble but someone who does not wish to carry it, can only have himself to blame, if he feels unwell, bitter and wretched. Show each other proper love, and you will take your rest on comfortable, exceedingly soft cushions! On the other hand, if stones for a pillow are your preference, you can have them; but when the morning of life dawns no one may complain that his head is sore and painful!

100,5. If you have one loyal and one disloyal servant, would you not be asinine in your stupidity, if you sent away the loyal servant just because he had been in your house for a much shorter period than the real old rogue, cheating you at every opportunity?! You must therefore abandon all your old ways of judging service as they are incompatible with the pure teaching from Heaven. This is not just a new piece of cloth to patch an old, completely ragged shift but it is in itself an entirely new, finished article of clothing and the old, torn article must make way for it!

100,6. I do not imply that the torn shift really signifies Moses and the prophets - they are the purest gold from heaven. I chose My image to signify your man-made statutes. With these old laws as well as the statutes originating in the temple, there is nothing more that can be done. If you were to wish to use a fresh new patch to repair a gaping tear, it would not be possible to fix it in place as the original rotten material would not be sound enough to hold the stitches.

100,7. At that time, Moses gave the Israelites a constitution intended to embrace domestic life as well as all the exigencies and emergencies of human life. It has however been completely distorted and even if it were to be reinstated it would no longer reflect My teaching. When one ploughs a field, one can not immediately harvest. However, when the wheat seed has ripened, reapers are hired and then the plough is of no value to the reapers. Moses ploughed, the prophets sowed the seed, and the time has now come to reap and harvest. Moses has no longer any value with his hand on the plough. We shall now harvest and store the ripe wheat in our barns; but after the harvest Moses’ plough will again be handed to you for the soil to be tilled afresh before the purest seed from Heaven is sown again. We shall place guards to prevent our enemies from planting weeds in our fine wheat crop!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-100 Chapter