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Chapter 101 - The weed among the wheat.

101,1. (The Lord:) “The earth will indeed be ploughed again and the finest seed sown in the fresh furrows. Guards will protect the field – but I already see a number of weeds among the sprouting wheat! How did they get into the crop?

101,2. Look here, this is the fault of the guards! They fell asleep when night came, thinking to themselves ‘Who would dare to come here when we are posted round the field?!’

101,3. While they slept, their enemies crept onto the field and quickly planted weeds among the crop.

101,4. And when in the morning the guards noticed that many weeds had appeared among the wheat, they of course hurried to their master, saying: ‘Lord! We sowed the good seed you gave to us in the equally good earth and guarded the field well; but to avail?! Our enemies still came secretly without our knowledge and planted many weeds among the wheat! They are now growing strongly! Should we remove them or should we let them grow?’

101,5. How will their master respond? I will tell you what he will say: ‘Because you were not vigilant during the night, which is a testing time for any man, it was easy for the prince of darkness to sow his weeds among my wheat! Let them grow together until harvest time when we will say to the reapers: “Firstly harvest the crop and bring the wheat to my barn. Then collect the clumps of weed, bundle it up and burn it completely so that its seed can no longer contaminate our soil!” [Matt. 13 25-30] [Matt.03 12-[15] [Rev.14 15]

101,6. Now you are thinking deeply and your hearts are saying; “Why is this so; how can we understand this?”

101,7. My reply is that this can be understood quite easily. The field stands for the hearts of the people of this earth; the very pure wheat is my teaching; the ploughman and sower I am Myself and you with Me. You are also the guardians placed in My field and you shall choose others in My name in time to come. I am the Master and My barns are My heavens. Satan is the enemy, and his weed is the wicked world with all its evil and deadly cravings. The newly recruited reapers are the messengers whom I shall re-awaken at the correct time in Heaven. I shall send them down to collect the wheat and burn all the vile weed, to ensure that it will not so easily contaminate the field and the wheat crop in future. - Now, have you understood the true picture?

101,8. ‘Yes’, you say, ‘now we understand! But You, Lord, could use Your almighty omniscient power to prevent Satan from coming to sow his wicked seed among the pure wheat, particularly if a light sleep should overcome us at some time during the night of the test of life!’

101,9. To that I reply: ‘My almighty power can not have anything to do with that, as a free life must unfold within My children. I Myself can not do more, than you yourselves among your fellow men. I give you the field, the plough, the wheat, and I hire the reapers; but then you too must work! If you work diligently but lack the necessary strength in any way, you know by now that I will always provide it for you, if your request to Me comes from the heart, and this will enable you to work well with renewed vigour. I can not and may not work for you for ever! Even if I could, My efforts would contribute nothing to your freedom and self-sufficiency. You would simply be reduced to machines, forever prevented from becoming beings which enjoy their freedom and live, think and act for themselves!’

101,10. From all this it must now be absolutely clear to you that service on a reciprocal basis and in accordance with My current teaching, is the main prerequisite in all of life! – Please understand all this well!”

101,11. Cyrenius says: ‘Lord, You the most truthful Being in all eternity and no one is Your equal! Your words are clear and their essence is truth and life! I am only now starting to live and it seems to me as if I had just been awakened from a very deep sleep. The way You, Lord, have addressed us is the privilege of God alone, not of any man, since no human can know what is in him and what makes him live or how he can fruitfully cultivate his character! We, Lord, are now in Your personal care and protection for ever. However, those who will come after us will already, despite their strong desire to give service, nevertheless have to struggle against all kinds of weed spoiling Your splendid crop of wheat! I will do whatever is in my power, to ensure that Hell can not easily scatter its weeds in Your field in the way which You have just described to us!

101,12. Now I wish to hear from Your mouth, how Hell and its prince of darkness will influence mankind! How do they bring their weeds to Heaven’s field?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-101 Chapter