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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-102 Chapter

Chapter 102 - Thoughts and their realization.

102,1. I say: “Nothing is easier to explain! I already have shown you, how every person must observe the law if he wishes to achieve freedom and independence for his being and his life. But if there is any law which has been imposed on man from outside his sphere, this very fact must also provoke him to break it easily and cheerfully, even if only for a moment, rather than to follow it strictly. For this reason, all the spirits were brought forth by Me before all material creation. I have already have shown you the facts and the method for you to grasp and understand them; you yourselves must currently follow exactly the same sequence, when you are being creative.

102,2. First you make all kinds of thoughts; from those you then form ideas and forms. Once you have given a certain shape to your thoughts and ideas, your will then enclose it in a skin and this gives it permanence. Once it has progressed to this stage, it remains totally indestructible as a spiritual entity and you can always visualise it whenever you wish. However, the longer you look at an object which is almost formal, the more you are attracted to this idea in the form which gives it shape and encloses its spirit; you begin to love this spiritual form. Your love increases as well as the flames in your heart and, through the warmth of life and the light of the flame of love, the idea with its constantly improving definition becomes more and more developed in itself, more complete and more beautiful. Then you begin, influenced by its increasingly greater perfection, to discover all kinds of practical applications, and take the decision to transform this by now much more developed idea into something tangible.

102,3. Initially you make drawings on parchment, and you do this until the drawing completely resembles the spiritual image already pictured in your mind. When you do not find any difference between the drawing and the spiritual picture, you consult with experts as to how it can be refined and transformed into a tangible work. The experts will ponder over it, come to terms with the concept developed and say: ‘This and that we need for it, a time scale of a few years, and this will be the cost!’ You then draw up a contract, the work starts, and in a few years your idea stands there for you and thousands of other people to look at, admire and make use of.

102,4. Look this is the way for you create your houses, tools, cities, castles, ships and thousands of other things, exactly the same way in which I create the heavens, the worlds and everything that is in and on them! The creation of a world of course takes more time than it takes you to build a hut, a house or similar construction as your raw materials are already available whereas I first have to create matter and prise it from the stubborn resolve of My will.

102,5. I could also create any substance in a moment, yes even bring a complete army of people into being in a trice; but such a world would not have any long term permanence, as it would not have been nurtured by Me sufficiently before reaching full maturity. If a great world idea has been properly developed to maturity in Me and has taken in My love and My wisdom, it will also become progressively more consolidated and therefore increasingly permanent.

102,6. So it is with you, whenever you use your raw materials! A house which you have build in an emergency within a day, will surely not endure for a hundred years, far less for a thousand! But with buildings, especially when the initial roughly formed idea has been allowed to mature in your mind for a longer period of time and has become ever more clearly defined as you work out the means required to transform the concept into reality in the most permanent and most perfectly achievable way, then you will also create something durable like the pyramids, which even today, as all well-educated mortals know, have already stood for nearly two thousand years in defiance of every storm and will continue to stand for more than four times their current age, with only a little external weathering.

102,7. If the old pharaohs had not pondered for long enough, how to build these structures as institutions to preserve their secret arts and sciences - buildings which were not be destroyed by the ravages of time for thousands of years - those pyramids would not now stand as monuments of the primordial skills of their constructors; but because these men did nurture their original concepts for years before they were transformed into a final design and brought it to maturity in this way, it is therefore understandable how these ideas were consolidated and given reality so that the traveller is filled with amazement to this day.

102,8. Indeed, people subsequently learned to think quickly and were quickly able to develop a concept from the sum of their thoughts, even quite a complicated one in some cases, although it almost always gave rise to a new creation, the difference being that, as the idea was quickly and easily thought through, it was also quickly made a tangible reality. As the work was therefore very easy and as insufficient time had been allowed to consider all aspects, the work might be shoddy and only endure for a short time. In a word, everything that is easy remains easy, while everything that is difficult remains difficult!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-102 Chapter