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Chapter 106 - The significance and origin of the earth.

106,1. (The Lord:) “However, some of these dispersed spirits still wish to follow the way of the flesh on any one of the planets. Some prefer to experience it on the sun or on one of its belts whichever is most suitable for them of course. However, only a very few come to this earth as the way of the flesh here appears to them to be too arduous. Here on this earth they even have to forget all recollection of any former existence and enter a completely new being right from the start, while this is not the case on other planets and world bodies.

106,2. In their early days, the incarnate spirits still retain a dream-like recollection of all their previous experience, and the result of this is, that the beings on other planets and world entities are fundamentally much wiser and more sober than on this earth. However, they are as a result unable to progress further to a higher level of free life. They resemble more, as we have already said, the animals of this earth, which are naturally endowed with a certain formative instinct as they develop, a trait which they always display with great skill and perfection and to the extent that man with all his reasoning power would not be able to emulate them in many respects.

106,3. There are however those animals who can accept the necessary training, so that they can if required be used for very simple and unsophisticated tasks - the ox can pull, the horse, the donkey and the camel can carry loads, a dog can sniff out, hunt and pull; but beyond that you will not be able to teach them anything more and with regard to speech absolutely nothing is to be achieved. The simple cause lies in the fact that the vague recollection of their former state imprisons their animal souls judgementally, continuously keeping them busy and to some extent sedated.

106,4. On the other hand all men of this earth, and this is unique in the universe, lose all recollection and therefore have to start again from the beginning with a completely new order of life and a new culture, which is structured in such a way that each person can aspire to the fullest resemblance of God.

106,5. A soul of this kind can therefore only be incarnate on this earth, either because it originates from the sun where all the primordial elements are still present, and it has already followed the way of the flesh there and therefore acquired all those specific elements of intelligence in its soul which are necessary to perfect the highest spiritual life, - alternatively, a soul may originate directly from this earth and have previously progressed through each of the three kingdoms of nature as they are called, beginning with the most crude stone substances, then through all the mineral classifications, and from there through the entire plant world and finally passing through the whole animal kingdom in water, on land and in the air.

106,6. Of course, one should not think of the physical body in this context, but rather of the element of the spiritual soul which is present in its shell, as further analysis also reveals the spirituality of the shell, while it is in itself still too lowly, too lazy and too ungainly as it remains an excessively prominent symbol of self-love, selfishness, arrogance and the most indolent, lazy hedonism caused by the highly acquisitive, miserly, death-dealing, vicious desire to dominate. Soul matter of this type must first pass through repeated stages of decay with only partial transmutation before being absorbed into a purer substance to protect and clothe the soul. It will never be usable in isolation as a true soul substance.

106,7. For this reason there are on this earth many more different species of minerals, plants and animal life than on all the other planets and suns, considering each of them individually of course. Taken together all the others would probably yield a greater number of species but every other world entity in the whole realm of creation individually shelters one hundred-thousandth of the number present here on this earth in each of the three kingdoms. That is why only this earth is destined to provide a home for the children of God in the most valid sense.

106,8. But how and why is this so? There are very special circumstances which relate to this earth. As a planet it belongs to this sun; but it is, strictly speaking, unlike its other planets - with the exception of the one located between Mars and Jupiter which, for certain important reasons, was already destroyed six-thousand years ago, or more correctly, was actually destroyed by itself and its inhabitants. Although the earth is in our solar system, it originally came from the primordial central sun and it is in a certain way unimaginably older in your terms than this sun. Nevertheless, the earth really only physically emerged a long time after our sun had begun, as a fully developed world, had begun its first orbit around its central sun. Nevertheless, its actual physical materiality was mainly drawn from this sun.”

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