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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-107 Chapter

Chapter 107 - The origin of the moon.

107,1. (The Lord:) “Many thousand times thousands of earth years ago, this earth was significantly heavier and the spirits on it were under severe pressure. The worst spirits became enraged, freed themselves taking with them a large quantity of the coarsest matter and for many millennia their swarms orbited the earth in a very random way.

107,2. Since all the elements, except a few clusters, were still very soft and partially liquid and as the whole mass was constantly rotating, it all ultimately formed a large sphere, but its speed of rotation around its own axis was far too slow to ensure that its small diameter could keep the liquid on its quite significant surface evenly spread. Because the speed of its orbit around the earth was however very rapid, the result was that the liquids always found their rest position on the side facing away from earth as a consequence of the influence of our old friend, the centrifugal force..

107,3. The true centre of gravity of this round ball was continuously displaced towards the side where all the liquids had accumulated and in time the excessively slow axial rotation of the ball itself came to a halt. This was after the ball itself had become more compact preventing the water from percolating through it and the waves created had begun to brake the rotation heavily by surging against the newly formed high mountain walls. In consequence, the entire ball consistently started to show the earth, from which it had separated, only one of its faces.

107,4. It was also good that its excessively stubborn spirits could enjoy being confined to a very dry environment, nearly devoid of any food. Since people have lived on this earth, this aspect of the moon (since the lump or ball under discussion is the moon) also serves the purpose that the human souls which most love the world are sent there, and from that vantage point, enclosed in a skin of ethereal materiality, they can spend a few thousand years watching their beautiful world to their complete satisfaction from a distance which is more than a hundred thousand hours walk away and feel regretful that they can no longer be its miserly inhabitants. Despite all their longing, the fact that they can never return to this earth, has been catered for in the best possible way. However, a few aeons of earth years will in due time bring even the most stubborn of them to their senses!

107,5. You have now seen how the creation of the entire material world came about, up to the planetary moons, which have had similar origins almost everywhere where they exist; also that they have the same character and now serve the same purpose.

107,6. The reasons why and how all creation in the material world up to the moons has its origin in spirits, which have themselves fallen from grace, applied equally as time passed to the mountains which took shape on each solid, heavy world as the first giant structures, to be followed later by all kinds of plants, animals and lastly, by man himself.

107,7. The better spirits continuously extricate themselves forcefully from the increasing pressures of materiality and offload their own burdens using their own will-power. They could immediately progress to the ranks of the pure spirits; but the old compulsion still exerts its former hold over them as well. Their self-love immediately revives, the plant takes in moisture, the animal eats, and the soul of man searches greedily for the food of materiality, hardly even attempting to adopt God’s well-tried example and deriving the same indolent comfort from its condition as before. The soul must therefore immediately clothe itself in a material body which is, nevertheless, more pliable than the old, sinful materiality. Despite the softer shell, the soul within it nevertheless increases its love of self to cause it again to become rock-hard materiality, were I not to station a watchman in its heart - a spark from the spirit of My love.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-107 Chapter