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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-108 Chapter

Chapter 108 - On the hereditary evil of self-love.

108,1. (The Lord:) “You are aware of inherited vice - at least you Jews certainly are! I will tell you what it is and how is it made up? Please watch and listen!

108,2. Self-love is the father of the lie and of every evil which arises from it; but the lie is the old, sinful substance, which is in fact nothing other than a loose, sinful display of self-love, selfishness, arrogance and lust for domination.

108,3. All this arose from the necessary compulsion with which I had to endow spirits ensuring their recognition of their own free will and although the stimulus was necessary, the sinful emergence of worldly materiality was absolutely not a necessity. It was only included in My order of life, as an unfortunate but unavoidable consequence of the inability of so many spirits to resist the impulse, although they were able to. In the same way, six times as many primordially created spirits were given this power but only one stands here to serve us and his name is Raphael.

108,4. The enemy, who has always planted weeds among the finest crops of wheat, will continue to do so and not cease for some time to come, is therefore the old vice of self-love, the consequence of which, as you know, is the weed, and in the widest meaning of the word, this means all materiality of a similar type - lies, Satan, the Devil.

108,5. My word is the noble, pure harvest of wheat and your free will is the field, in which I as who create all of life, scatter and sow the very pure grain of My eternal order.

108,6. Do not let yourself be overpowered by self-love, but rather fight it simply and powerfully with the shining sword of your true, completely unselfish love for Me and your neighbours, both brothers and sisters, and you will keep the field clear of all weeds and enter My kingdom as pure, delicious fruit, able to see and appreciate new and purely spiritual creations for eternity!

108,7. Pay attention, however, to ensure that the enemy, the self-love within you, does not take up one atom of space in your character as this minute particle is already the seed of the real weed which can in time completely overpower your free will. Then your pure spiritual being increasingly turns to weed or reverts to materiality, and at that stage you yourself become a lie, because all materiality is what it is and is obviously the most blatant of all deceits!

108,8. The smallest atom of self-love in you who are now My disciples, will in a thousand years become an entire mountain range covered by the most toxic weed, and My word will be buried on the streets and in the alleys under the most vile excrement, so that no lie loaded with arrogance and hate can be offended by it! Remain pure in your observance of My ordinance and you will soon watch wolves and lambs drinking together from the same stream.

108,9. I have now given you an explanation, no glimmer of which has ever been given before to the mind of any spirit, so that you can deduce from it, who He is, the only One who can give teach you His doctrine and why. Certainly not merely for the sake of the teaching but because of the positive action to follow! You should not therefore merely be a smug or surprised audience listening to My teachings, which have never before been preached to mankind as openly as at this time. It is also not enough that you should now clearly recognize that it is God Himself, the Eternal Father, who has spoken to you; you must also seek full confirmation in your heart, so that its love does not shelter one atom of weed. If however you find any weed remove it together with all its smallest rootlets, lead vigorously active lives in compliance with My ordinances which are not unknown to you, and you will forever reap a beneficial harvest of true life from your efforts!

108,10. So that you also can see that everything is exactly as I have now explained it to you, I will open your eyes for a short period of time to allow you to see and experience everything for yourselves. Please pay close attention to it all!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-108 Chapter