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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-109 Chapter

Chapter 109 - Salvation, reincarnation and revelation.

109,1. For reasons easy to understand, nobody was prepared for this explanation, and there was amazement and astonishment among all those present, sentiments which, just like My explanation, had never before been equalled.

109,2. Many of them beat their breasts and called out very loudly: “Lord, Lord, Lord, take our lives for we stand before You as very sinful coarse block-heads and everything is our own conscious or inadvertent fault! Only You are good and holy and everything else in a material shell, is evil and damnable in itself. Lord, how long must we drift around in our present materiality? When will we be released from the ancient curse?”

109,3. I say : “Right now, since I Myself have blessed all material things, I have placed this curse on My own head and, in so doing, have given it My benediction! The ancient order of the old Heaven which includes Heaven itself has come to an end and, founded on the materiality which I have blessed, a new order and a new Heaven shall emerge and all creation, including this earth, shall be subject to a new order.

109,4. Under the terms of ht previous ordinance no one could enter Heaven who had once been imprisoned in materiality but from now on no one will be able to come to Me in Heaven at the highest and purest level who has not, just as I Myself have, followed the way of materiality and the flesh.

109,5. From now on, he who is baptized in My name with the living water of My love, in observance of the spirit of My teachings and acting in My name in his power and actions, shall have the old inherited sin erased from the record with the result that his body will no longer be a murderous den of iniquity, but become a Temple of the Holy Spirit.

109,6. Everyone must however be on his guard never to be contaminated again by the old, poisonous weed of self-love! Beware only of that, so that you will sanctify your flesh and blood; and when the pure spirit within you has achieved full control, not only will the soul aspire to its perfected, eternal life in and through itself, but the soul will also receive bodily flesh and blood including the skin and the hair!

109,7. Look at the difference which exists between then and now! The measures now taken shall prevail for eternity.

109,8. The sun, which was formerly accursed, shall henceforth be completely blessed, also everything in endless space with any form of being! As I have told you, I shall now renew everything {2 Pet.03 13}, and all the old relationships must be changed, because I have transformed Myself by shrouding Myself in materiality.

109,9. To this I wish to add: He who does not believe and is not baptized by the water and the spirit in My name and for the sake of My Name and My word, shall remain in his former state! He shall not enter My kingdom and will not see Me in the hereafter, but will remain on the outermost fringes of My kingdom, where darkness and night prevail and the air is filled with howling and gnashing of teeth. And the purest light from Heaven shall penetrate to them only in the way that the light from a small fixed star reaches this earth. Regarding true life in My Heaven they will know just as much as mankind presently knows about the nature of the fixed stars and what they contain. Mankind can attempt to figure out the secrets of these shimmering dots day and night for a thousand times a thousand centuries, but even after that length of time they will know just as much as they know now. In time men will certainly be born, who will invent optical devices to be able to see distant objects as if they were close at hand. With the fixed stars, however, they will nevertheless be unable to achieve anything, as they are much too distant from this earth.

109,10. In the hereafter, the gentiles too, who were non-believers and were not baptized, will similarly be placed advantageously. They will observe My heavens from afar, judging them in the same way as man now observes the starry sky from earth, even expressing their opinions about them. After a thousand years they will surely know more about the subject than now and will eventually discover that these are all suns. However, what a sun is, how it gives light, its size and distance, how many planets orbit round it and what they look like, who their inhabitants are, what cultures, languages and customs prevail – their minds will not be able to discover the answers to these questions!

109,11. If you, who now have some cognition, were perhaps to tell them, they would still not believe you – just as some of the gentiles with completely worldly minds, with which they are now quite at home, do not believe anything that they can not see and can not touch with their own hands.

109,12. I will at some time in the future, here and there select from the ranks of the true believers in My name, men and maidens, who have received from Me all the secrets of the heavens and the worlds and have stored them within their loving hearts {Acts.02 17ff; Joel.03 01}; but there will only be a few who will accept this as a convincing truth!

109,13. However, those to whom it will be revealed, will see it, will be supremely joyful and will praise the name of the One, who has presented these revelations to them and fully convinced them that they are truths which otherwise no human mind could ever imagine.

109,14. There will surely come a time when there will be peoples on this earth, in whose presence the entire story of creation will be unfolded like a secret scripture from God. However, no one who did not previously believe in My name and had not been baptized for My sake, shall receive this gracious benediction!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-109 Chapter