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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-11 Chapter

Chapter 11 - Cyrenius' friendly answer to Zinka.

11,1. After listening to these remarks, Cyrenius’ eyes widened and he said to me in a subdued voice: “This person has certainly not fallen on his head and seems to be of sound mind. He should be helped! What do You think, Lord, should we bring over this man to our side and perhaps also his colleagues?”

11,2. I say quite openly: “Even a tree which is of limited strength can not be cut down with one blow of the axe! But a great deal can be achieved with some patience. The one who is to be shown the Light must not look directly at the midday sun. If you give him too much light at one time, he will be blinded for a longer period of time. However, if you gradually accustom him to the light, he will be able to see everything with great clarity in the brightest light and after that his blindness will not return again.

11,3. This person has performed for me a useful service, in that he has given a faithful eye-and ear-witness account in front of My disciples, describing how My precursor John who preached and baptized in the area of the Jordan, has been arrested and killed by Herod. For the sake of My disciples, not for me, he also should also inform us why Herod ordered John to be arrested and thrown into prison. Ask him this question!”

11,4. Says Cyrenius by turning to Zinka: “Friend, my standpoint should not be understood to mean that I would also allow a tyrant’s servants and attendants to be punished, if they were in their souls not remotely of the same inclination as he was - unless of course they were like him and stubborn in their views and to some extent already inclined to carry out the evil intentions of a despotic tyrant! But people like you, who only too clearly recognize the inhumanity in their inhuman master and deeply abhor it in their hearts, I will always understand and treat them with justice and the utmost consideration!

11,5. But why God in many instances allows evil to triumph in this world, while at the same time virtue suffers and is physically crushed to death, can be answered, my friend, in a marvellous way, but this explanation is too profound for your current understanding or for that of your colleagues whose minds appear to be even shallower than yours. There will come a time - perhaps in the near future - when you will understand very precisely, with your whole mind, why the Herods of this world also must exist!”

11,6. Says Zinka: “My lord, you have had the good grace to address me with the word ‘friend’, but do not let this word of many meanings become an empty sound, as is unfortunately mostly the case among mankind! But if you have used this word in the true sense, then demonstrate that friendship and allow my twenty-nine friends also to be set free from their heavy bonds! Neither they nor I will run away, as that possibility will firstly be prevented by the strength of the guard, but secondly and more importantly by the comfort of your friendly words. Believe me for I am speaking freely and openly -: We are all that we unfortunately are with the greatest reluctance! If you were able to free us from this yoke, you would then have performed the most humane and justifiable of deeds!”

11,7. Says Cyrenius: “Leave it there; I will worry about that! Look around and you see many who have been saved from perdition! There will be only a few of them, who, according to our strict Roman law, would not have earned either the sharp axe blade or even the cross. Just look at them and see how they, as true people, stand before us like the purest gold and nobody wishes to leave our company! I hope that you will feel likewise in the near future since all things are very easily possible with God; and I have the strongest living conviction of this.

11,8. But now allow me to direct a very crucial question to you, which is as follows: You have done us all a considerable service, by telling us in a very open way, why and how the worthy prophet from God was killed by Herod. However, you were probably also present when he was captured!? Could you also tell me the true reason why Herod arrested John, since he certainly did not do him any harm? He must have had some reason for his action!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-11 Chapter