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Chapter 110 - Baptism. The Trinity in God and man.

110,1. Cyrenius asks: “Lord, I believe in everything, that You, Lord, have taught me; am I therefore also already baptized?”

110,2. I reply: “No, you are indeed not baptized as yet; but this does not matter! Everyone who is a believer as you are, my friend, is as good baptized in spirit, and enjoys all the blessings of baptism.

110,3. The Jews have circumcision, which is a pre-baptismal rite which, considered in isolation is of no value to Me if the circumcised person does not at the same time have a circumcised heart. By that I mean a heart which has been thoroughly cleansed and filled completely with love, as that is of greater value than all the acts of circumcision from the time of Moses down to this day. After circumcision, some received John’s baptism by water, a ceremony still carried on by his disciples. However, this baptism is also of no value in itself, if it is not preceded or inescapably followed by the necessary penance.

110,4. Any one who allows himself to be baptized and is seriously intent on bettering himself, is not making a mistake; but he should not believe that it is the water purifying his heart and strengthening his soul. This effect is only obtained by his own, completely free will; the water merely serves as a symbol indicating that the will, as the living water of the spirit, has now cleansed the soul of all sin, just as in the natural world water cleanses the head and the rest of the body of dust and similar dirt.

110,5. One who has undergone baptism by water can really only be said to have been perfectly baptized, if during or even before rite of baptism, the will in the heart of the baptized has become positively active. If the will has not been empowered, mere baptism by water will not have the slightest value and can not induce a state of material bliss, far less sanctification.

110,6. By the same token, the baptism of small children in water has absolutely no value, except as a purely outward symbol of their admission into a better community and to ensure that each child is given a name, a fact which obviously does not have the slightest value to the soul being merely a political gesture. A child could therefore be given a name without the rite of circumcision and or John’s baptism by water and to Me that would be just as good; as a name alone can not sanctify a person’s soul, only the free will to act strictly in accordance with his best understanding his whole life long. Any name can become holy through the power of the will and by the deeds which are performed; but the opposite effect is impossible..

110,7. When John was performing baptisms, children were brought to him as well as to his disciples and he did in fact baptize them when conscientious surrogates presented themselves to support the child and solemnly promised to make devoted provision for its spiritual upbringing. In this case too a child can be baptized with water for the sake of giving it a name but the baptism will sanctify the body and the soul of the child only until the child has achieved true acknowledgment of God and of his own being, and has also begun to use free will. Until then the surrogate must most conscientiously ensure that the child is fully cared for in the best way in all matters which have a bearing on the attainment of true sanctification - otherwise the godparent will take full responsibility as a burden on his own soul.

110,8. It is therefore better if water baptism is only performed when a person is himself able to fulfil all the requirements for the sanctification of his soul and his body based on his own cognition and by his own voluntary decision. Moreover, water baptism is not at all a necessity for the soul or the body, only the recognition of God’s truth and the performance of deeds in accordance with it. In a rite of baptism with water, it is not only the water from the Jordan which is suitable because John performed baptisms in that river, but fresh water from any source is good, while spring water is preferable to cistern water as it is healthier for the body than the less fresh water from storage.

110,9. The true and for Me the only valid ceremony is a baptism undertaken with a burning fire of love for Me and for one’s neighbour, together with the active desire of the supplicant’s will in conjunction with the Holy Spirit of God’s eternal truth. These are the three elements which bear valid testimony in Heaven for everyone and they are; Love, as the true Father; the will, as the true, living Word or as the Son of the Father; and finally the Holy Spirit, as the correct understanding of the eternal and living truth coming from God in its vigorous activity within man and only in man! Since what is not in a man and does not happen as a result of the exercise of his own will-power, is of no use to that man; and because it does not and can not have any value for mankind, it can equally not have any value before God.

110,10. Since God in His Self-image means nothing to man for as long as man does not recognizes God through His teachings and makes His will his very own through love, adapting his entire activity and leisure with the active zeal of his own will to suit the acknowledged will of the Most High. Only then does the image of God in man become alive, thriving in and permeating man’s whole being. When this happens, man then succeeds in reaching every depth within the Godhead, as the image of God in man is now in perfect symmetry with one and the same God for eternity.

110,11. When this happens for a man, everything in him is sanctified and true baptism as the re-birth of the spirit has been achieved. By this baptism a man makes himself a true friend of God and is complete in himself, just like the Father in Heaven. I say to you all explicitly that you all must strive for this goal with all your strength, so that you become equally as perfect as the Father in Heaven! No man, who can not achieve that perfection, can enter the presence of the Son of the Father. {Lev.11 44; Lev.19 02; Luke.06 36; jl.ev01.155,15; jl.ev01.039,05; jl.ev01.039,08; jl.ev01.050,13; jl.ev01.071,13; jl.ev01.039,05-10; jl.ev02.159,14; jl.ev03.180,06; jl.ev04.001,04; jl.ev04.039,01; jl.ev04.110,11; jl.ev04.245,04; jl.ev05.271,06; jl.ev06.226,10; jl.ev07.054,12-13; jl.ev07.139,06; jl.ev08.027,11; jl.ev09.022,05*; jl.ev09.024,05; jl.ev09.102,07; jl.gso2.018,15}

110,12. But who is the Son? The Son is the Father’s love. He is the supreme love of all love, He is the fire and the light, He is the Son of love or of the Father’s wisdom. If therefore the mirror image of the Father is in you, it must be just as perfect as in the primordial Father Himself in all its aspects otherwise it could not be the image of the Father. If however the image is not perfect, how will wisdom come to mankind or how can man aspire to reach true wisdom?

110,13. Just as the Father is Himself always present in Me, I am Myself also present in the Father. In the same way you must find yourself in yourselves and then you will also find yourself in God, and God will find Himself in you. Just as the Father and I are One, you must also first become one with the image of the Father in you. When this is accomplished then you will have become one with Me and with the eternal Father in Me, while I and the Father in Me have been a single perfect entity for eternity!”

110,14. At this point the disciples say: “Lord, we do not understand this! Your teachings are becoming more difficult! We implore You to explain Yourself more clearly in this regard!”

110,15. I say to them; “Do you really still not understand?! For how long must I still suffer you in this way? How awkward you people are! However, you shall be enabled to understand the secret of the kingdom of God on earth!

110,16. Where are the thoughts in your hearts?! I have already explained several times to you who is the Father and who is the Son and how Father and Son relate to each other in a way that is similar to that between love and wisdom, or between heat and light. I have shown you how light is of no value without heat as heat without light can not ripen the ears of crops in the field. I have shown you how light always has its origin in heat, because heat is the first sign of any given activity. The evidence of any activity is light which increases in stages as any orderly activity progresses. Yet you still do not understand the ‘Oneness’ of Father and Son, or of you and Me!”

110,17. The disciples say: “Lord, do not become angry with us! We now understand, and anything that has escaped us, we can fill in and catch up with according to what is right and to the best of our ability!”

110,18. I say to them: “I certainly know that this will be the case; but I said this to you, because I had noticed that questions were more important to you than knowledge of the subject matter.”

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