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Chapter 111 - On the Mosaic food laws.

111,1. Cyrenius says: “I was surprised myself that your disciples did not understand that explanation, which I and assuredly all the others have grasped quite well! But now, as You, Lord, are in the mood to explain things which no one has ever done before, I also wish to know from You, what the background is to the fact that the Jews ban the consumption of impure food and contact with certain things considered unclean! We gentiles enjoyed everything and did not become unclean according to our doctrines! The ancient Egyptians also ate everything that time and experience offered them to enjoy, and I know nothing of alleged impurity - on the contrary I know from history, that Egypt had many very pure and truly great spirits who dwelt there as, for that matter, similar spirits also dwelt among us Romans at all times. Why was it just the Jews who had to deny themselves so much?”

111,2. I reply: “Because their race descended from Adam and came down from above, as they still do for the most part to this day and it was ordained that I would come among them into this world and adopt the materiality of the flesh, for the salvation of every creature. You have certainly understood how the entire material world has been blessed and sanctified by Me, because I Myself have also clothed My Being in a material form?! You affirm this in your minds! Before My coming, this earth was, as you now know, more or less under a curse - not because God had condemned it, but because it had, as a spirit cluster, cursed itself by its self-love, selfishness, arrogance and lust for domination!

111,3. There were and still are in the material world, different stages and levels ranging from the extremely solid, through the less solid, down to the very soft. The harder any matter is, the more untamed and impure it is, as the spiritual content of its cluster contains proportionately more of that well-known weed.

111,4. The animals, which joined mankind at the very beginning of the inhabitation of this earth – such as, cattle, sheep, goats and, among the birds, hens and doves -, are certainly of a purer nature and gentler in their character, and the meat from their bodies was more acceptable to those humans who came down from above, purely to sustain their souls. Even these animals had to be perfectly healthy, however, and it was forbidden to slaughter them during the breeding season, since pure animals are then less pure than at other times.

111,5. In time even more animal species, such as horses, donkeys, camels, pigs, dogs and cats, joined mankind but even from the beginning it was more an involvement with the children of this world. With the exception only of donkeys, and later on also camels, these new species did not have a very close relationship with the Jews, and this is still the case today.

111,6. Even nowadays, a true Jew has a peculiar fear of horses and dogs, is no friend of cats and does not trust camels too much. He is against tame water birds, and he surely can not stand turkeys and guinea fowl for the world. Much time will pass before his attitude to these species changes. While a real Jew is totally disgusted by them, the Greeks as well as the Romans, have for many years regarded them as roasts which have good flavour and are well accepted.

111,7. From now on things are of course completely different and will remain very different, once I have gone home! As evidence of this, after My return to the large garden belonging to your brother Cornelius, I will show one of My disciples, who is still an arch-Jew through and through, what foods can consequently be eaten in future without any concern.

111,8. I have now also shown you the reasoning behind these rules from Moses’ time covering food consumption which the Jews observe, and you, Cyrenius, as well as all you other people, must realize this properly! It is now time, therefore, for us to move on to the matters which were the true, principal reasons for coming to this mountain!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-111 Chapter