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Chapter 112 - A prediction about the present revelations.

112,1. (The Lord:) “I said that you will see wonderful things of the most unusual kind; until now, however, except for the ball of light which was brought by Raphael from deep within the mountains of Africa, nothing more has taken place even though the middle of the night has already passed. Earlier, I pointed out that for a short while I would open your eyes so that you could, as a first step, see how the world actually looks.

112,2. However, before I do this, I say to you all, or rather I instruct you, that you are absolutely forbidden to speak to anyone about your visions. This is because mankind on this earth will not be nearly ready enough for a very long time, also because it is fundamentally unnecessary for the salvation of their souls to receive this knowledge! If they could only bring themselves to love God above all and their neighbours as themselves, everything else, as far as is necessary, would be revealed to them in any event.

112,3. But you, as the first fundamental pillars of My teaching, must yourselves secretly know more than all the others together so that you will certainly not be tempted after a while to turn against My doctrines.

112,4. Nevertheless, all this will not be lost, and when a thousand and almost another thousand years have passed and My teachings has been completely submerged under the most vile materialism, I will at that time again awaken men, who will conscientiously make a full verbatim record in a large book of the discussions and events that have taken place here in our joint presence. This will then be given to the world and will cause many eyes to be opened again!”

112,5. Please note well: Do you, My servant and My scribe, now think, that I did not mention it at that time?! Do you also wish to become weak in your faith, as you are still weak in the flesh?! Look, I am telling you now, that I even gave your name and those of a few others to Cyrenius and Cornelius, who are now the joyful witnesses of everything that I am asking you to write down. At the end I will also give to you the names of those scribes who in two thousand years from now will do their work and achieve even greater things than you can now! – For the present, remember this and record everything faithfully!

112,6. Cyrenius was very surprised by this and Cornelius asked Me more about the recipients of this information.

112,7. I gave them their standing and character and even their names and added: “One of them, to whom more will be revealed than to all of you now, will be a direct linear descendant of Joseph’s oldest son and will therefore also be a true descendant of David in the flesh. He will be a weakling in the flesh as David was, but even stronger in the spirit to compensate for this! May it go well for those, who will listen to them and arrange their lives accordingly!

112,8. But even the other nobility awakened will mainly be descendants of David. For such detail can only be given to those, who descended in the flesh from that source even as I did. My line from David was through Mary, the earthly mother of My body, as Mary is also a true daughter of David. However, at that future time David’s descendants will mainly live in Europe, but they will for that reason be his completely pure and genuine descendants in accordance with God’s hearts-desire and therefore able to carry the burden of the most intense light from the Heavens. They will certainly never sit on an earthly throne, but will await that light in My kingdom, and I will always be sure to think of My brothers! In addition, most of My disciples here present are descended from David on their fathers’ side and must therefore seriously be regarded as My brothers in the flesh, except for one of them who originates only from this world and not from above. He was not intended to be in their number and yet he has to be present in order to ensure that the scriptures are fulfilled!”

112,9. Cyrenius says, quite amazed: “You will therefore only ever reveal your will to David’s issue? Do Mathael, Zinka and Zorel also have that great king as one of their forefathers? I ask this as You are also revealing to them the same detail as shown to the descendants of David!”

112,10. I say: “My friend, events taking place here are not by way of being secret revelations, but are freely uttered to be heard in the flesh by the ear of every man! It is however something completely different to receive the secret, inner word, which comes from My word directly into the heart of a man, who hears it within himself. For that to be achieved, a certain group of men is required, prepared in such a way that they are inwardly capable of supporting the omnipotence and all-pervading strength of My word! Every unprepared man would already be destroyed and killed by just one iota of detail which came directly from Me. Once it has been written down, men of good will and sound mind can then read it and their action will not only not kill them, but it will strengthen them for a life eternal.

112,11. But if evil worldly people were to read it to make mock of it, they would be destroyed and killed, even if the word is only in written form! Now you too know how these things stand; and I say now, that you should remain constantly vigilant to look upon the wonders of creation, being and survival for ever!”

112,12. Cyrenius says: “Lord, we are prepared to look upon the things that You will reveal to us in Your great and very gracious mercy. I have however only one very small question which I still wish You to answer, if that is permitted!”

112,13. I say: “Just continue with your questions and I will answer you!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-112 Chapter