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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-113 Chapter

Chapter 113 - The calling to the inner word.

113,1. Cyrenius asks: “Lord, if only those, who are somehow prepared in advance in their flesh but more particularly in their soul, have the capability to understand Your Holy Word later on in their spirit, that is of little use to those who are incapable even if they have achieved true rebirth of the spirit by living an austere life. Even then they will still not be found worthy of Your gracious gift of allowing them to hear the words coming from Your heart in their own hearts! They cannot bear it, because they have not been prepared for it and made receptive by David. I think however that all men, whether they come from above or below, who lead their lives according to Your will, should also have the same capabilities! Any spirit which permeates its soul and finally even its body, will surely be capable to hearing Your word without coming to any harm?!”

113,2. I say to him: “ My friend! You are a very dear, beloved and esteemed friend of Mine; but your question shows tat you have again judged this matter like a blind man faced with the beautiful colours of the rainbow. Confronted by similar judgements from you, I am quite astonished that your limbs have not already long ago begun to revolt against your head, as they are not equipped with the same abilities that your head can boast of.

113,3. Your feet on their own are blind and deaf and must, despite being poorly equipped, do a very difficult job. Your hands must express your will to the world but they must do this and that without having the eyes to see the beautiful light, or the ears to hear the splendid harmony of a song. They also do not have any senses of smell or taste to savour the spicy delicacies of life! Do you not think that those limbs are worse off by comparison with the head?

113,4. Could the thorn hedge complain to the grape vine and say: ‘What did I do wrong that I are not allowed to receive the blessing of being able to display marvellous grapes for a change?!’

113,5. Do you still not appreciate, that everything is precisely calculated by Me and that everything has its own destiny?! As it is with the different limbs of your body, in that each with its own abilities serves all the other limbs, it is exactly the same with people’s capacity to serve each other in many useful ways, and this interaction determines and brings to fruition life’s most supreme state of bliss.

113,6. If your head and your heart are cheerful, all the other parts of the body will be cheerful and happy; but if even the smallest area is in pain, then there is no more good cheer or happiness in the head, the heart and all the other body parts which are not affected! All of them are sad because one is suffering and will do everything possible to help and cure the one part which is affected.

113,7. It is certainly a beautiful gift to have the ability, to hear the voice of My love, to write it down and communicate it to those who lack this ability, if they thirst for it. However it is similarly a wonderful gift for a heart to be able to retain lessons learned in the heart and to live accordingly. If it should bring a man originating from below, to the rebirth of the spirit, he will surely have found his best available reward and will just as seldom complain about those with the ability to receive the word, as one of your little fingers will grumble that it does not have one of the eyes in your head! – Now tell Me if you are satisfied with My answer!”

113,8. Cyrenius says: “Lord, it is more than perfect! I will not bother You with such a very stupid question again! You are therefore completely free to let us see something!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-113 Chapter