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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-114 Chapter

Chapter 114 - A view into the world of nature spirits.

114,1. I say: “Now you will see the reason why I asked for our ball of light to be brought here from darkest Africa, in order to reveal to you the spirit world of nature, to some extent without using a miracle, but rather by following a more natural course of action until now completely unknown to you.

114,2. The light from this stone has the property of being able to influence the nerves of the body in the pit of the stomach to such an extent, that the soul’s insight is drawn to this light after prolonged exposure, and begins as a result to perceive even the most well-kept secrets. You should now look only in that direction and you will see better with your human eyes closed rather than by keeping them wide open.

114,3. For some people even the moon has the same effect but never to the same remarkable and powerful way as the light from this very rock. Just close your eyes and convince yourselves that you can see better with the pit of your stomach than with the eyes given to you by nature!”

114,4. Hearing My words all of them closed their eyes and were then completely astonished by the power of their soul’s very perceptive visual images received through the pit of the stomach.

114,5. Only Mathael and his four companions said: “This wondrous visual imagery is not at all strange to us. In this way we have often seen the most unusual things and have often walked over ground which no mortal in a natural state of awareness could ever cross without the danger of suffering a very severe fall. At that time we saw all the air itself as well as the waters of the seas, lakes, rivers and streams all teeming with a variety of strange grotesque faces and larvae, which moved quickly then slowly in all possible directions through the air, floating up and down, spinning slowly and sometimes quite quickly in circles. Some lay like snow flakes on the surface of the earth and some drifted into the furrows; some were absorbed by the plants like dew, others by the soil, and still more by all kinds of rock.

114,6. Those seeping into the soil and those absorbed by the plant and mineral worlds, did not appear again. However, whenever a tree or a plant or some animal decomposed, it initially gave off a light, gleaming vapour containing all kinds of new forms which soon agglomerated in their hundreds of thousands, melting into a shape which was already quite well defined.

114,7. Once this process was complete, it was not long before the new shape driven in some way of its own volition began to move and to act like a dog which is searching for something and whose nose has picked up a scent.

114,8. Normally we saw those beings floating like clouds towards herds of sheep, goats and cattle. Once they reached these herds, they stayed among them; and when mating took place, an activity in which they seemed to encourage these animals to indulge, they were again absorbed by the animals as they mated, in the same way that the dew is taken up by somewhat parched grass, and they did not then re-appear.

114,9. Many of these bodies also moved quickly towards water and began to swim, easy skimming the surface for some time. Some dived purposefully into the water; some crowded together in a cloudy mass and after melting into a new shape, which often resembled an aquatic animal, they then disappeared beneath the surface.

114,10. However, the oddest phenomenon of all came when we saw how thousands of grotesque faces, larvae and other shapes rose up out of the water. In appearance they were like a variety of flying insects, as well as large and small birds of many species. They had quite well-developed wings, legs and other extremities. However they did not use them as birds do. Everything just glided on these wings and they floated in the air more like fluff or flakes. Only when a flock of real birds flew close to them did we see any sign of truly animated movement in these misty larvae and shapes. They then joined the flock and in a short time it was as if they had been devoured by the birds.

114,11. However, from above we always saw a bright dust drifting down, sometimes more, sometimes less dense, and there was frequently much of it to be seen especially above the surface of the water. When we looked more closely at this dust, we noticed shapes in it which either resembled small eggs or extremely small aquatic animals and this dust was also immediately swallowed up in the water.

114,12. There is much to be told, given the time! However the scenes we saw during our earlier misadventure, we now see again with tightly shut eyes, and this phenomenon awakens a memory in our minds which is loudly calling out to us: ‘All of this you have seen every evening and every night for many years!’ Sometimes, during daylight hours if the autumn weather was very miserable, we had the same visions, but of course we had no idea what to make of them, how they originated or what they signified! To You, Lord, we therefore offer all honour, all our love, all our thanks and all our adoration!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-114 Chapter