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Chapter 115 - Jarah and the nature spirits.

115,1. Jarah now says as she rests next to Me: “But Lord! What are these little men? They came out of the woods and surrounded us in large crowds and in all colours! Some seem to wear some wisps of clothing but most of them are completely naked and all of them are only as tall as children. who have not yet reached the age of two”

115,2. I say: “These are natural, already developed human souls, which have not yet gone the way of the flesh. Until now they do not even have any great desire to do so, because they are too much afraid of being imprisoned again in materiality. The ones wearing clothes even have some sort of language, which is of course quite limited; but they all possess a certain ape-like intelligence!”

115,3. Jarah asks: “Would the ones wearing clothes understand me if I talked to them?”

115,4. I reply: “Just try it. Good luck!”

115,5. Jarah then takes courage and asks a pale blue one who is wearing wisps of clothing: “Who are you then, and what do you want from us?”

115,6. The pale blue manikin comes quite close to Jarah, stares at her with goggle eyes and says: “Who gave you permission, you stinking flesh, to question us pure people?! One and all you smell disgustingly of materiality and this is particularly offensive to our noses! In future therefore only ask questions, you stinking corpse, if you are ordered by the almighty spirit of all spirits to do so - otherwise just concentrate on ridding yourself in a good way of the flesh of your moth-eaten sackcloth!”

115,7. I ask Jarah: “Now, My little daughter, how does this answer please you?”

115,8. Jarah says: “Lord, Lord, these beings are terribly crude and rough! Am I really such a stinking corpse? I am helpless with sadness. Yes, I could quite easily despair!”

115,9. I say: “Look at it this way, My little daughter, the little spirit has even done you a favour! Why are you offended by that?! The little spirit could have spoken to you choosing more agreeable words, that in your being there still secretly lurks a very small vestige of the arrogance of beauty, but this little spirit is no expert with language, only has a limited vocabulary and talks more as his feelings dictate rather than by using his intelligence.

115,10. Is your peace of mind destroyed, because you have spoken to the pale blue manikin? If you had put a question to one of those bright red ones something similar to the one you asked the pale blue one, he would assuredly have given you an answer that would have caused you to faint with revulsion. Now just thank the pale blue one for the favour he has done to you and it will certainly be easier to converse with him!”

115,11. Jarah takes this to heart and says to the little spirit, which is still fixedly staring at her: “I thank you, dear manikin, for the favour which you have shown me in your words delivered in a direct way without elaboration. Just do not be cross with me about it! Tell me, dear manikin, that you will not be cross with me any longer!”

115,12. At this the little man laughs brightly and says, still laughing: “The one who spoke to you might be quite right, but you, you little snow goose, are still falling short by quite a margin, since on your smelly earth neither your estimation of it or your desire for it has grown! But you are now more tolerable to me than before as the outward show of the arrogance of your beauty is no longer so great. Just do not think too much of yourself, since everything around you is bad, - the good belongs to someone else!”

115,13. Jarah says: “But tell me, dear manikin, how is it that you know all this?”

115,14. The manikin laughs again and says: “What you see, you do not need to know about! You also see now more than what you otherwise saw! But I now see even more than you, since I have not clothed myself in stinking flesh. I can therefore see precisely what you and everybody else around you is made of. I tell you simply not to convince yourself of your advantages - in your case, that is not even remotely your right!”

115,15. Jarah says: “Oh yes! Why is this so? Explain this to me better!”

115,16. The little man says: “If someone who travelled a lot and has first of all therefore collected all manner of knowledge and experience with considerable trouble and discomfort, then tells you all the details concerning these sights and experience, you will also know what he himself knows. Just tell me whether you can then take any fresh position which arises from these experiences and that knowledge? What you now know more than before, should again only be to the credit of the one who in the first place collected the information with great trouble and many sacrifices and who in the second place was kind enough, to tell you about everything in accurate detail. Tell me, if you think you can regard these experiences and knowledge as being to your own advantage?

115,17. Just reflect that you only stand there as a useful record book full of good knowledge and experience, but you are not by any stretch of the imagination the wise author of that book! Who deserves credit for the good elements written in that book, the book or the author of it all? Look, you are a well written book, but in no sense its writer! Do not therefore permit yourself to become conceited!”

115,18. This said, the manikin laughs again, stands to attention like a general and says to his army: “If you have feasted your eyes sufficiently on this community, let us move on - here it just stinks too much for me!”

115,19. Suddenly they go away and disappear in the woods.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-115 Chapter