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Chapter 116 - The nature and activity of the nature spirits.

116,1. Jarah says: “Who would have expected to find so much wisdom in these ethereal manikins?! Nevertheless, I am basically very glad that they have moved on as they would in time have made us quite heated, although they themselves seemed to be quite cold creatures. It seems to me that there is not much love in them; but they certainly know how to distinguish right from wrong. What will become of these beings if they do not wish to follow the way of the flesh?”

116,2. I reply: “At some stage they will follow; but it will be a long time before they decide to do so. The light blue ones will be first with the others not far behind!

116,3. Because the souls whose origin was and still is in nature on this earth, have much difficulty in deciding on that path. Their motivation is only wide experience and knowledge, together with the high hopes which they generate. However this comes to them only after they have arrived at the certain realisation, that by following the way of the flesh they can never be worse off, that they can only profit from it and that in the worst case they can again revert to their present state.

116,4. These souls from nature prefer to live mostly in the mountains, but they also join the households of simple, poor and unsophisticated people and bring them benefits. However they must not be insulted as if this happens it is not advisable to break bread with them.

116,5. Secretly they also visit schools and learn a great deal from mankind. To miners they quite frequently show the best and richest metal deposits. In the Alps they serve the shepherds and the grazing animals; but they must not be offended.

116,6. There are still quite a few of these spirits living on this earth, who have almost have reached five times the age of Methusalem and still have not followed the way of the flesh. Everything else would be acceptable to them except that they are mainly discouraged by the prospect of losing their memories, since they consider that this means that their present being has experienced a kind of death.

116,7. Now you also know the characteristics of these beings. Please pay attention to what follows.

116,8. For a change our old friend Kisjonah from Kis says: “Lord, a few weeks ago when You graciously stayed at my house, how noble and exalted everything was that I saw and heard! But everything that has happened here, in particular the sights and sounds I have experienced during the past few days of my presence here, no one in the whole of Galilee could have dreamed of! Lord, forgive me that I dared to open my clumsy mouth to interrupt You in any way as here I know that one should never speak, only listen and watch. If one of us does not understand something immediately, a little patience is needed and the explanation will then follow of its own accord! I have finished speaking!”

116,9. I say: “Just keep on speaking and asking, My dear friend Kisjonah, since the words from your mouth sound extremely pleasant to the ears in My heart. For Me, the sound of humility is by far the most beautiful harmony.

116,10. Yesterday during the day you also listened to the marvellous chord sung by My angel Raphael. However heavenly and beautiful that sounded, the sublime sound of true humility is in My ears incomparably more splendid!

116,11. You are also the right man according to My heart, and during the winter I will stay in your house. There will then be ample opportunity to enlighten you and your whole household in several ways. Continue to be in good spirits, therefore, and observe everything very carefully, as the explanations will not be far behind!”

116,12. Kisjonah says: “Lord, I am surely not the least worthy of receiving your great generosity, but a winter like that will be the most blessed time for me! What great joy in my house! Now not a single word shall pass my lips!”

116,13. Cyrenius says: “Then I will also visit your house from time to time and also make a contribution to provide for the poor of the whole area in an appropriate manner!”

116,14. Kisjonah says: “Noble commander, that will be most kind of you and will give me great pleasure! But I beg you, no further interruptions for now as one wonder after another floats past us and we pay them too little attention!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-116 Chapter